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Notorious one Jack Callahan, Fox News Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Back in the hospital, the high Court says Justice Ginsburg underwent a minimally invasive procedure in New York City to revise a bile duct stent that was placed last year. When she was treated for cancers tumor on her pancreas. The Supreme Court says it's a common occurrence, and she's resting comfortably at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Ginsberg said earlier this month that she's undergoing chemotherapy for a recurrence of cancer. She has survived for earlier about splotches Rob Dawson, the 87 year old justice Ginsburg expects to be home by the weekend. Shit. Your visa. Ius has formed in the athletic, located south of Puerto Rico. Uh, it's roughly 150 miles or so south of policy moving west Northwest earning 20 miles per hour. It's meteorologist Eric Blake at the National Hurricane Center, who says Tropical Storm warnings are up from the northern lower the islands to the several Bahamas. Puerto Rico also already feeling the tropical storm winds. An agreement has been reached to replace some of the federal agents guarding the federal courthouse in Portland with states troopers. Oregon's governor, Kate Brown says the drawdown will start Thursday by what she called an occupying force. That's a characterization that acting Di HS secretary Chad Wolf rejects violence in Portland specifically was there well before D. H s law enforcement officials arrived in Portland, the mayor, by his own words and own statements. Declared that the city was under violence for more than a month before we got there. America is listening to Fox News..

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