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I think that all these quote unquote controversies all these quote unquote talking points hot seeds yada yada yada have taken away from what real madrid has done real madrid made history they made fucking history last year they made history three hundred dipak we're going back to back to back to back back back and now the made history yet again no fucking team ever has gone back to back real madrid has just come back to back to back they are three peat fucking champions and i genuinely do not think anything should be taken away from that like mother folk i know i feel like they are three peat fucking champions winners i feel a lot of people are trying to put asterix next game and you shouldn't i mean they've definitely have shown that they have been the best even the chamber is like a lot of the arguments in the past couple of wins that they've had is like oh they haven't played anyone they beat ps g right they beat you ventas they be biron and then they went and be fucking liverpool they've act they've played top talent and of come up on top again people are going to be hitting up the fucking comment section saying but you wafers rig the referees but you you can't play that many teams and it always be the referees right like three of the four games that come just mentioned they were two legs they beat on the better eat always wins over two legs and hall fucking tam this year and.

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