Ian Crawford, WTO, Virginia discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


Morning may 14th 2022 or the time now is three 18 Graphic and whether all the 8s and what it breaks good morning to Ian Crawford in the WTO traffic center Hello there do you know we've actually had a fairly busy night fortunately nothing too terribly drastic but it's been busy and we continue to be busy in Virginia northbound three 95 near duke street two to the left getting by the ongoing crash response south batter is not affected here 66 watch for something new that's been added westbound after exit 50 or right around exit 57 for route 50 pharaohs this one a reported disabled vehicle maybe a disabled van over on the left side may be blocking a left lane After that then you're into the work zone before 28 Centreville one right lane getting by their east batteries your only issue at the moment is going to be the eastbound work near suddenly road and that is one to the left to get by On.

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