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HEAD ON OVER TO NARROW BETS DOT COM for more details. We had a lot to get to bobby, so let's go right to it. The victory ride kicks off the stakes action here at Belmont Park tomorrow afternoon grade three early in the caught has just the feel of five phillies. Going to go. Six, and a half furlongs as for the three year old's warning line favors one francs rock cat hall of Famer Bill Will Give Fellow, Hall of Famer John Velazquez a leg up, and this phillies done very little wrong on her career. She's three for seven. With four second-place finishes ran second in a couple of graded stakes including the grade one spin away up at Saratoga last year last seen winning a third level allowance. She uses stakes. Winner took the any limit kick off three year old season three starts back. And probably the only reason that this race isn't later in the card is that it's a five Horsfield and Franks Rakhat is three to five on the morning line, and she may be the the loan speed in race, so she's going to be tough to beat at three to five, but that's a pretty short price, considering there some pretty good up and coming phillies near now I think number four center I'll. I'm going to give her another shot for. For Chad Brown and Joel Rosario Sheila Great Getting Her Maiden Win Gulfstream, Park when bet down to three to five at the end of March, then came back in a tough allowance race at Churchill downs where she was really over bet, she was three to five that day against another very impressive maiden winner of this one for Steve, asmussen in casual casual, ran a great race that day center I'll had all sorts of problems. She didn't break that well. She had trouble during the race, and she was just really never in at any point I think it's a racy can kind of draw a line through? If she runs closer to the way she did and her debut I think she's the one that could give Franks rock cat, the biggest problem. Franks rocket will probably get the lead. I would think Rosario would have center I'll sitting justin behind her and seeing if they can outgun into the line going six and a half furlongs. With you I'm going to take a shot with center. Rile planner. If. When I plan early took five tomorrow, I will use both Franks rocket and center, but I'll tell you what I think. You can make a case. Also for up in smoke was undefeated and sprints. She's four five and a career. Lone blemish came when George. Weaver tries to stretch her out Hollywood wildcat. Go at Gulfstream Park. She's raced exclusively of Gulfstream in fact, steady diet once. Once a month February march April may June now. She gets a race in July here over Big Sandy. She wanted the game face overboard last time out for weaver. Rod Ortiz Junior who wrote her in her debut against fellow Florida breads down at Gulfstream Park's in the climb back aboard for the first time. Since that day looks, you'll need a little help up front if Franks rockets able to set an easy pace I. She's going to be very very tough I. think Senator I'll be the first one to come calling. Those are the two up in smoke. If you're looking to three deep, I don't think you need to center for Bobby and I race number three goes as the great three six and a half for a long victory ride go to the end of the card. Eleven race card like I, said earlier, and the final four races make up an all stakes pick four, and it starts in reasoning with the greed three poker. Flat Mile on the turf for many years. This was the fourth of July staple. On the naira calendar, and here it is now as part of a super five stakes card. In the poker, though run a mile on the widener, so they come out of that shoot. On the clubhouse turn we get a field of eight entered for the turf as a main track. Only it's all relevant with the way. The weather's been here. I would imagine you know they're supposed to be some rain. We're recording the show Friday afternoon supposed to be some rains rather day on Friday and into the evening. I can't imagine anything enough to take this off the turf, so let's say it will be a field of eight. You know when I through this race, you of course noticed the presence of Chad Brown valid points in a returning the grade, one secretariat for troubled trip in the shadow turf mile at and last year. That's when he ended his career. ended his three year old season career thankfully We haven't seen him for nine months now. He's a former stakes. Winner hawkish won the pen mile back in twenty eighteen cliffhanger last year, seismic wave stakes winner over the course chal paranoia to read three Appleton. eons won the greed three. Kent we see..

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