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Fleet owner imprint. been called every name in the book, and even some that aren't Gary McNamara and Eric Harley Red Eye Radio. And he's Eric Harley. I'm Gary McNamara. Eight six six ninety redeye an end to the last caller saying that Pelosi probably won't work with you know, with the with the president. But other Republicans. Well, that's the point the president has said I want to work with Nancy on infrastructure and other things he said it yesterday. That's how this became an issue is the president stating that he wishes to work with Nancy Pelosi. And then the articles coming out saying that's the one person he's been extremely friendly with. Really likes her really respect. Sir is friendly with her attacks. All other Democrats you noticed he doesn't attack her and when she attacked his manhood. And compared has the wall to his manhood. He never responded. Now, what's the time here because we figured that? We got after yesterday when the president pro or thirty-five he's been up for three hours. Okay. Because we. Now, if the president was listening yesterday, I goes to bed at eleven thirty gets up at one thirty when and our listeners to two and they said, wow. Just talking about the president came out with all these people from the border patrol. We're connected to explain what's going on. We have what what somebody say we have moles. So now the administration lets you know, if a tweet comes out here in the next fifteen minutes blasting polo from his official page. Eric, and Gary are awesome. Really great at school nation. I I do believe that is fake news, Eric you can't prove that. Well, you could. Well, I'm sorry. No, I'm sorry. That was an analysis analysis of what I think he should tweet. All right now, we gotta go dead. We can't do that. Because we're referencing something on yesterday show difference between opinion, and I will look to see if he's actually tweeted, I don't think he tweets this early day. And there's nothing big going on except for the meeting at the White House. So will the meeting be? We haven't heard yet is going to be in the situation room. We haven't heard. Because it was on Wednesday. I don't think it should be on CNN. I know this wolf Blitzer is going to be in there. If the president showed up the CNN I thought about that the other day, president shows up to CNN with Nancy and Chuck. Okay. Move aside wolf we're going to do we're going to do this hour. Let's see here. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. So Jim Webb the former democrat is under consideration for Defense Secretary. Yeah. He was against going into Iraq. Right. So that would be more in line of the the president's, you know, policies and people coming out over the last well since especially the. The announcement on the withdrawal from Syria saying he's more of an isolationist and predicting that he would probably go in the direction of choosing someone who's also more of an isolationist. So we'll see if that happens. It would be interesting. If that happened I'd like to see what direction it went in at that point. And how that will be receipt. Right. Because if you take Madison side, or or I guess any of those that you've seen in the news recently. Let's talk about those military leaders that are in those regions right now. And obviously, they're not going to be outspoken. Because they're going to do what the commander in chief tells them to do. So at this point, they're not going to be outspoken. But if you do wonder what the concerns would be from them. Who knows? You've got a a promise of fifty percent draw down in Afghanistan, and they promise in the president said that the other day during the cabinet meeting. I think it was during the cabinet. But it made the news round the other day where he said he was talking about Syria and saying, you know, look other people were saying four months, I never said four months on Syria on the withdrawal time line. And so he did not give specific calm. And that's where people that's been the big question. Lindsey Graham came out and said, I feel much better because Lindsey Graham against withdrawing from Syria. And so why did he feel specifically much better? Right. Was it? The fact that the the that the president is now reconsidering it that he has given a time line, which would assure the troops are there for a significant period of time. And what would that timeline beat? And eventually you have to answer those questions. Sure. Eventually they have to be the be answered. But we'll we'll see what goes on with. With that from. From Jim Webb. Let's head to you eight six six ninety Red Eye. We go to. Let me see we go to Brian in Tennessee. Brian, welcome. You're on Red Eye Radio. Welcome to the show. Hi. Hello. Are you very good? Yeah. My main thought on President Trump why he may be holding back on that declassification Dale because that's why I think it of only in the whole per election like maybe he wants to drop the bomb late like during election time. Well, but here's the concern. And I've I've heard that theory, Brian. Here would be the concern. We don't know what the time line of the the Muller team is going to be. So the Martine teen comes out. And let's say it's it's what a lot of people predict it will be and that is no real indictments related to the Trump organization being the campaign and the election. It's more of a wagging of the finger while we found some things that clearly morally crossed the line, but we're technically no reasonable prosecutor would go after them that kind of approach, and they he writes this report, it's a scathing report and really nothing more. It's not a legal action against anyone that was associated with the campaign. You're hanging that political clout at that point, and how long do you let that last? And if you come out right now. If it shows what a lot of people believe it may show, if you come out with that information right now, it essentially undoes all of it anything that the Democrats in the house may want to do anything that the mullahs report might might or might not say all of that is undone and watered down tremendously don't wait for twenty twenty because A I don't think he needs that. But B also keep in mind if he did that right now, it's already twenty nineteen the election season starts here. This summer, you're gonna have Democrats announce it if he did that right now if he released that declassified information the legal process would be going on through the twenty twenty season. Look, here's here's the problem. He didn't say what again that was your interpretation of. Here's why I think he's doing. What he's doing? I don't care. What I think about what he might be doing. I care about what he did. And what he did was. He didn't say look I may release it later on depending on what comes out, and I may wanna wait the Muller report. And they're what he stated is. That he threatened to use it if the Democrats came after him, but he is hesitating releasing it for the transparency of the public, and he was specific about that. So you really don't have to guess what you're saying is. Well, my interpretation is here's what he might be doing that. That's just a guess. It will be a guest. Pretty much said that I can if they come after me, that's my whole. He's already said that's an and that's my point. I'm not interpreting what the president or this is what I think is means. I'm telling you what he said. And if that is the tactic. There's no reason to wait. It just doesn't right? There's no reason. Because as you said before when he says, I'll if they come after me, then I'll use it what he's stating. Is it can't politically harm him at all? Right. Because if you believe this is going to give you political leverage, you, then you know, that it doesn't show anything bad against you release it now. Right. It was the point where he has released a for transparency say, no because the American people might not be able to handle it. And that was one of the dumbest things Trump has said since he's been president. Well, because that's the whole thing of the whole thing of the swamp is the swamp isn't letting the American people know what's going on. And the president comes out and says, well, I might not let the American people what's going on because they can't handle it because it's so bad. Well, can they handle the more investigation? Apparently they've been digesting it for the better part of two year. That's why it was the dumbest thing one of the dumbest things he said is present United States. They can handle whatever they whatever it shows because it goes exactly why people voted him to be president. They voted for him to get rid of the soi to have transparency. And now he's the guy on the biggest issue out there as to what? Whether the FBI the department of Justice and the intelligence agencies worked against the campaign of a major party president to destroy his chances of winning and then de legitimize a presidential election. And then the guy that they went after saying, well, I might not release the for transparency because the American people can't handle that how we can't. That's why we elected you already handling it. It's already imply. The Democrats started this finish it. And it ended right? Let the let the American people seat. And so again, that's why I've seen to the last caller you're saying, well, here's what he might be. I don't care about what he said about the. I mean, the president already said that. So we we already know that right? He's already saying that that's is political ace in the hole, where do you know that? Don't wait. You can end all this now. Because the other problem is is that the report comes out, and then you wait until I don't know what summer of twenty January February of next year. The Dow has already been hanging there. And it looks like you're desperate. Well, here's the other thing if it is as damaging as Republicans say it is and as he says it is. Well, then what that will force is it will force the Democrats to even do investigations as to what is going on because the public at that point will want to know you mentioned the poll that fifty nine percent of Americans want it released only fourteen percent don't want it released. And you made a great point that there are some Democrats that hadn't been paying attention that may think yes Trump's hiding it because it's against him. Right. And this may work against him and show the Trump colluded, but it doesn't matter the American release release release only fourteen percent don't twenty was a twenty seven percent were like. And only fourteen percent. You know, that's a very low number. At at the very least you have the majority of Americans on your side release it release. Eight six six ninety redeye. For.

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