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No appointments are needed. And of course, it's free. The one does Johnson Johnson vaccine will be primarily offered. Chicago Public School CEO Janice Jackson is leaving her posting June after five years leading the district. She negotiated through the 2019 teacher's strike, oversaw reform following an abuse scandal and navigated remote learning plans during a pandemic. Still, Jackson called it a dream job. A third of this district for 22 years. As I look back on what we've done, I am both proud and humbled, and also a little tire if I'm being honest They're like that said the search to replace Jackson will be nationwide. In a new political feature. Former Obama Chief of staff Bill Daley admits he told his wife about the top secret of some of bin Laden raid two days before happened, daily says he took his wife into their bathroom, turned on the faucets and took her in the shower and whispered in her ear about the raid. The admission came after his wife started grilling him about his strange behavior that week. Many top White House aides didn't even know about the rate until President Obama announced it on live television. Recreational marijuana sales totaled nearly $115 million in April that six million more than March and more than double the average monthly revenue. Last year. The states 110 dispensaries sold over two million recreational weed products. Of state customers accounted for $35 million of the total. At this rate, we're on track to log more than a billion dollars in part related sales by the end of the year. After nearly two decades of discussion that Thompson center downtown is for sale. Governor Pritzker says the sale will generate millions in real estate taxes and create thousands of union jobs. According to the Tribune, the Thompson Center employees will likely be relocated to a building in West Monroe that the state purchased in January. WGN Sports The Blackhawks lose to Carolina 52. They play again tonight. The pre game of Chris Bona 5 30, the face of it six with John White Hymen and Troy Murray and 7 20. W g, N and WGN radio dot com. The Bulls lost the Philadelphia.

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