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They would just keep playing different shorts were there other other characters like looney tunes they go for like you'd have an Elmer Fudd and then you'd have a foghorn Leghorn in looney tunes. I think the only I don't I think they're what foghorn Leghorn was looney tunes but I don't think there was with Tom and Jerry unless now because tweety bird was I was that was looney. Tunes Yester- was tweedy a boy or girl. I've always thought boy tweedy was girl you. You've just saying that because I said boy. I'm I just always thought it was a girl. There is a big discussion there my sister I've had a argument about that because she's always thought tweety was because she used to have like like posters stickers or stuff of tweety bird like you know that's a boy right now. She Says No. It's hot but I think it is yeah tweety bird yeah I remember that was a thing for a while Dawson. He's awesome Gumby Dombi. Did you ever watch Gumby Gumby. Show that's yeah. I'm remember like those types of cartoons from Ron. I was really little like that's what I was watching. When I was like four four and you were probably watching the real show because you're so incredibly wretchedly under the old I was watching it on in syndication on cartoon network in different shows on my awesome satellite dish gumby ran? There was a movie gumby. I forgot about that. I'm pretty sure they played out. How would they be was on Howdy doody from fifty five to fifty six so you're not no shoot drastically? They replayed it all the time flow. There's a revival from one thousand nine hundred to nine hundred eighty nine so I probably was a lot yeah see told you why haven't they rebooted Gumby. I don't know they should look at all. Those things we just mentioned that are rife for Reb Rain Green Live action dumpy. They did the gumby movie. I didn't know there was one yeah the gumby movie well. They did have a gumby movie. Yeah I just said it like ten seconds ago. Don't listen to you never do the gumby movie nineteen ninety five. It was stop motion. Animation live live action. It was a box office bomb earning only fifty seven thousand dollars at the box office. That's more than the fanatic produced by Fred durst stint starring John Travolta that's we should do a top ten list for favorite yeah after school or Saturday morning cartoons. Hey everybody that's listening right now. Tell us what your favorite ones are. SET GETS US your top ten less than then we'll do on like on an upcoming show and will read it and then we'll criticize you and we'll I'll get criticized terribly for the choices. Same goes for game game shows because we'll do that too yeah game. Alex Alex wanted to do game show yeah. That's right now. Game Game Sh- is okay sir. I underlined it so I know it's important we had there was some a little bit of news. Nothing nothing heavy but joker ochre. We've talked a little bit about joker. We did getting all the praise in the world. It really is to be a life changing event getting so excited about this has become the first comic book movie to Win The top prize at a major film festival Golden Lion at the Venice Venice Film Festival. Are they always in different countries. I guess they're not all Tim Venice Venice beach no like Venice Italy. I know that's why I said that's a different country. Jerry states does not own Italy no I I thought you meant like at the Venice Film. Festival was in a different country every year all right. That's what I thought you meant we will we we have not owned Italy ever we we might own Greenland soon but yeah we might that's a hot but joker box office projections which honestly using a pretty close. Are they feel like they're pretty close. Usually it's projected to be among the highest R rated movies of all time. I don't think that's true. What do you think would beat it? Well are rated of R. rated of all time all our all our time. All isn't isn't that cool. The highest right now highest grossing Oh sing are rated movies right. I think deadpool's way up there probably did it hit a billion. Oh my God it's a sad that the number one yes what it is. It's a horror movie it. No it is a horror movie from our childhood saw high school age. Hope Oh wait. I number one is it. I know what you did last summer. No it's on on this Walgreen. If I could get back to the stupid page now it was Blair witch project really yeah. That's sad number four sorry number one it number two exorcists number three get out number four Blair witch project number five the conjuring number six six. The nun came out number seven paranormal activity. That's a blubber adding is interview with the Vampire. That's a bullcrap list. That cannot be right because that's that says total box office. One hundred five million and deadpool was like a billion dollars. You need to get a different list. This is need to learn how to search Chris Forbes man when somebody gets Steve Forbes giving a break Mr Forbes Steve Forbes owned Forbes magazine Steve Jobs Does Oh yeah taught okay now Forbes just handyman. Let's take a gander at box office mojo which is more legit. That's probably got. Here's the number one and this one you should know Mel Gibson in the Patriot in zero or thirty five eighty in thirty ninety five. Ad Yeah The Passion of the Christ. That's a rated R. Movie Yet that was rated R. and that's number one according to box office Mojo domestic gross domestic only okay number two is that pool number three is American sniper. It just goes on from there that Matrix reloaded was rated R. in the top ten is Logan Beverly Hills cop the hangover and the Matrix reloaded American sniper it bunch of them okay. That's just domestic though international deadpool blown out of the water. What was what was number one then how much did did passionately Christ make three hundred seventy million domestic three hundred seventy million domestic? That's a lot I think it could be that comic book movies are going right now. On the way jokers trending and Joaquin Phoenix as the joker is a crazy crazy portrayal like I think it could easily beat that just because of the height w three hundred seventy million's a lot autumn on. I think there's a lot of people that will wait on it. I don't know we'll see I'm excited are waiting for it and we're going to talk road trip when you're coming with or I'm GonNa Forget you. Dude says he's going and going without you know dude also just got home from his two month hiatus where he's been been screwing around on walkabout out in Iowa walking about Iowa. We all love walking about Iowa yeah he literally they went on to bus month. Sabbatical defined himself whatever that means. How can you find the dude? You know like his introduce. That's what he just got back like. Wonder how much more dude he is. Now you think he's more dude ish not do enough to come to the show tonight right. That's where I'm GONNA say like. I don't think he's dude enough anymore. Did he lose some of the dude he could've. It's a possibility so instead of finding himself. He lost himself yeah yeah in a Cornfield Iowan Cornfield Rolling Hills of Iowa sorry yeah he didn't show up no he invited him and you didn't show up yeah. I hope you're listening to this dude. I hope you feel bad. He's not well not right now. No he will be we next week so we're GonNa do top cartoon top. game shows guys getting any other ideas cinema way yeah so we need them because we forget things all the time. Yeah go ahead safe. You forget guys can't tell we didn't really have any plan the discussion points for this one I did. I did throw together a list that was some on like unethical ways to treat a cat. Oh no that's a good one taught. That's what she threw together. UNSUNG comic book movies from the nineties the forgotten really yeah okay. I'd like to hear them the rocketeer here. That is a good one two good movie that has a good movie who was in that was what's that guy's whoever it is it should have been Brennan. Frazier Razer probably should've let me and everything when it comes to the nineties it should have been. Here's another one for you. Darkman remember dark man. I don't I love that must not be that good. Oh it's really if I don't remember it. Do you remember the most people probably remember the movie blank man. I do remember loving me. I had that one on DVD. I do remember. VHS actually let's see where's the cast. Oh my Gosh Jerry so cliff as Bill Campbell. Is that the main guy I don't remember cliff would be billy Campbell. I think I've said this on the podcasts before Jennifer Connelly's the first time I saw the rocketeer it was at dudes foods house. It was in nineteen ninety one. I went there for a sleepover we went to them his on market and here his mom let us pick out a vhs tape and we got the rocketeer tier really yeah. It came out like that year yeah nine hundred ninety one. That's why I said June twenty first one thousand nine Billy Campbell. What's he been up to lately nothing zero? He's done nothing zilch cash. He's on a couple of shows to nothing. Never I heard of them but Dracula enough the crow. Remember the crow yes. It's one of my favorite Brandon Brandon Lee yeah yeah. You can't rain all the time Eric like that's what happened in that Z. Yeah it's so great when he holds his hand up and shoots seriously ended and he starts laughing at while it heals backup. I freaking love the curl. My brother dressed up as the crow for Halloween one year here and that's what I was like. Oh my gosh as a child. I should not have been watching these movies so the soundtrack for the crow was a big deal right. Yeah it was at the time because who was it it was all it was like nine inch nails right. Oh Stone Temple pilots nine inch nails like that Kinda music which was big at the time but it's also a big deal because that's how Brandon Lee died he died during the filming of was the sequel no the very last saying of the movie that they filmed he died in because it was it wasn't the last actual scene in the movie but it was the last one they filmed and it was the scene where he stands up on top of the boardroom table and everybody's like shooting and begins. How does that happen?.

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