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I know one day we're going to do deep dive about the countless claims of people working under Elon Musk and the abuse and the anti unit tippety, and she's privy to the lack of ability to keep up with investor payments and investor deadlines, and the fact that their cars are extremely extremely inefficient for anybody not niche markets or the Virginia lawmakers who described the boring company tunnels that they made as cars in a very small tunnel. If one day, we decided feasible, we'll come back to you. We'll get there. But at this moment her explanation of what happened is so confused like I'm sorry. I've stuck on Virginia. Okay. So Virginia lawmaker so boring company was like showing off to Virginia saying light. Yeah. Show like do this like we can make this happen for you. And they literally go they purchased a used drill machine and put a bore in a neighborhood where they developed the space x product and they've taken a model three and put guide wheels on it. And they're running it through a tunnel at sixty miles an hour. None of that is really significant from a standpoint of moving this process forward. The reality is it's a great idea. But I'm not sure the time has come. We'll give them credit for at least try. Apr? What is for Jinyan need a like high? He was trying to trying to sell it to that. No. I know but land they were like doesn't have any else. And they also said like we already have underground tunnels that we have things on rails for like, we don't need tesla going underground. He like. What is this survey? And then they were also like it's very inefficient. Like, what does this process help for us? Like, you're not actually moving the mid sage for station. I'm not gonna lie. I'm not gonna lie DEA of having your car speed under the entirety of LA's infrastructure. Does sound amazing. But I know that's not gonna happen. It's didn't award coffin feet underground and Zumra just knowing Tesla's like recent track record like I'm just not ready I wanted to get to into get the. into the tunnels when the big one hits. Now, listen now, listen, I just say I mean, like being any California's this is the last place. I want to be underground constantly. Crushed in my it's true ninety thousand dollar tesla tussles required. You know, probably for the for the for the limited run. It's going to be like smart cars, only the poor people get to stay above ground. But the joke is all the rich people die in the earthquake. So I guess it's fine. So anyway, what did she say? So what the fuck is this where I honestly feeling is why up because I okay. Okay. So I'm gonna do amiss say what you say a lot run. Like, I'm not going to say, this is what's happening. But I do want to say it's something I'm thinking about the person that wrote this article does a lot of descriptions of like her body language, and I feel that that was very put in for reason somebody continue here is from Grimes people friends keep being like you shouldn't have to change. But you know, what the rule is a bitch except the world instead of wishing it was different figure out. What you gotta do and do it. Then a moment later, she says, and look I love him talking about Ulan. She won't even say his name. He's great. There's just got to be some reason. I just think and now starting in stopping gun should be to to contorts her body slightly smaller as if disappearing into a ball Grimes continues. I wish another stop. Yeah. It doesn't matter. She's thinking again contorted shrinking again, then straightens up she has moved on cool..

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