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You're not us so. Don't pretend to be us very true but we'll help educate you well. I'm getting to the point where i'm not even making that offering levy. There's a good portion of our audience. I know that. I'm going to probably going a lot of tired of trying to teach it though i know right. We'll speak for yourself. there are a lot of. y'all are going right now. I know they looked. Outreach is a good thing. I think reach with a bag of rocks. That's what you get something that's what you get if you don't consult with people yup what you can watch the video and learn what not to do what not to do. Any last brother had a little comment and blue there. If you feel free if i can feel free brother yes so. We sent a letter to school system Short but to the point. I think we basically said this. Good day school district governing body oversight california. It is our intention as a native. American podcast and radio show known as native opinion to write this letter in support of the native student who was humiliated in math class while attending john w north high school in riverside california and in condemnation of the educator who selflessly and ignorantly portrayed and quite frankly flaunted her cultural and ethnic insensitivity while she was supposed to be teaching the math class. It is alarming to see the disrespectful display portrayed in the video which you will have which you have seen by now. It is alarming to no. Such displays are still being tolerated by not only your school district's but districts country as you may know this is the twenty first century and if we are not willing to put such ignorant displays into the garbage bin of society we are doomed as a nation if that educators horrible display has been allowed and tolerated by your school and school district in the past. There is no wonder why the lack of education cultural awareness and engagement with this nation's first inhabitants falls woefully short of exhibiting humanity civility and respect with regards the native opinion podcast so We'll see if they respond there as in last. But not least as you heard. But i think it's worth pointing out you know This teacher only been suspended. And ask you. You know if you flip that around and put it in any other context or any other situation you know You know to worry. I think that's my brother put today. Melania person Fired right away going to. You're making fun of white people and you know you know. Classic case example is The professor Who i think. Wanted to broaden Some curriculum around harris. Crt rather yes. Thank you around sorry. I'm having problems with the words. Brother grit jerez critical race theory. Thank you and Where she gave a fellowship because the school didn't want to take that additional step of cultural sensitivity and awareness at the university. Georgia i think so. She wound up in the tenure at harvard. I think so if you're not gonna do it in high school guys when you going to do it when you're gonna fix your problem because it's not our problem. Let's be clear it's your problem. It's just like i. Somebody succinctly and profoundly posted a maim on facebook last week and.

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