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Hello and welcome to the sleet wine club. I'm felix salmon and you may know me as the host of sleet money or guide to the business and finance news of the week. But i am also as many sleep. Money listeners will remember a bit of a wine love them. I like to drink wine to talk about wine on to think about wine and really underneath everything. I like the storytelling of wine. I really think that wine is about stories and memory and experiences and the idea of transporting yourself to a different place. These are the things that the heart of the slate wine club. It's not about you know tasting notes and tannin's mala lactic fermentation and micro oxygenation and that kind of thing. It's about place and people and stories and just getting to enjoy a variety of premium wines and learning about them thrim these expert wayne make this often who've been making wyans not just themselves but in their families for hundreds of years and these stories ruling. Help me enjoy wine. No hope you enjoy wine but before we talk to today's winemaker. You probably want to know why you should join the club and how to become a member of so as asleep wine club member you'll get expertly. Curated selections of premium wines made by some of the world's winemakers each shipment includes three bottles of unique high quality wines. Delivered right to your door in joining his easy. Just text sleet to eight. Seventy seven seven sleep that's s. l. e. two eight seven eight seven seven seven five. Two eight three was. Uc your wines. You'll be able to sip each one while listening to an interview with the talented winemaker. Who crafted it. And that's exactly what we're doing today with ever ray. She's german she was born in. The mozell literally grew up sipping and spitting riesling but moved to burgundy to make some of the greatest wines in the world. White bag these right now. We're gonna be drinking two thousand eighteen could didn't we blunk which is a fantastic wine but it's plea much about as young as ever raise winds get. It's great designed to be young even three years old but as you'll hear white burgundy can get very old and very special so this could be a fantastic introduction to one of the great wines of the planet ever ray. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast and telling us all about your now. I'm gonna say this with great excitement white burgundy back and jason exam. I wish i knew it better. It's the one part of the world. I always want to drink more of everyday best buy or the complexity for their profounder. Folks are having a special dependent. Having babies. do not take sip all the time doing the vindication process in the butler sosa complex vanity opinion especially and the chattanooga's burgundies separate for because it's has a bundler show hasek tabs on your lab stones and it's quiet and one of the most beautiful places. Wine country is always beautiful but burgundy is particularly beautiful except in their only really to grapes in burgundy pinot for the reds and chardonnay for the whites. But this is not the chardonnay that american drink is think of when they think of chardonnay. I mean america has political. Chattan is to stags Descendant aggrava- vines a mate at different perimeters. This wine is at a two thousand. Eighteen is three years old most of you or otherwise you would generally recommend drinking bit older than that but it's a difficult question because it depends with cancer. Confirm some people genuinely like younger vines. If you look down to england to japan it would be shocked to sink them after for five years. Our question of pace. So i posted it until remind understood. Had some fish nets and condemn occurred. So i've Stand after perhaps obsessed with advice from the courtroom. We you see. This is where my english roots showing. My grandfather was a big wind in england in the sixties and seventies. And i think that's where i got my love Older wines some people call me a necrophiliac when it comes to winds very old but this one. I like my wife's fresh of this. So i can try and work out what you're talking about here and try and understand a little bit about the uniqueness of white burgundy and how it's just like no other wine on the planet even though it is made from probably the most ubiquitous scrape on at he showed in a pretty much everywhere cooking i think because Adapt to different so which much to contribute. But tell me about yourself. I'm hearing that you are not french. No actually my climbing is punch from. The most valley will backpost but for listening. I mean if you're in the mosul that's what you grow riesling right sling executives. But she also had a nip. Assume i'm during the second world by was very important for surgeon. Scores event is basically able to stay home to make sure that there was not frankfurt soda. Just love this story so much because it's so gloriously european when the world went to war and it was the most terrible time in european history. The the one thing that you really needed to make sure kept on going was wine production and if you're a winemaker you didn't need to become a soldier because you had something more important to coach van. I have not read it. It's really amazing. Book different stats of different. Bad families for how they tried to hide the violence from sodas and how gives them some piles of the seller all the binds into lakes and then finally labored special. Coming off sara after the same. My from todd was going on the inadequacy on or so bought some simpler taper binds in fines. I'm the company. He used to hope that he was burgundy and really finding in love with burgundy the bag countryside with the different way by making imed across of the live. Stand in french stat. And then have you participated to buy his first in yards in trump adversity in nineteen pip. Defoe any and my father had the same laptop disputed for spots and we have the chance to buy dementia. Tenure imagine itchy to undo still have the venison trouble mutiny is doing that linnea turned one hundred year next year. So you are the third generation of your family to pham these fields and make this one in begging the going back to the mosel. It goes back. How.

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