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To a whole new level make the switch to pennzoil synthetics today we're taking a look at this james winston situation because it's trying to figure out up from down and what it all means and what exactly is happening here because when you when you look at something out of the blue too many of us out of the blue too many of us the news yesterday the jameis winston was suspended for three games it appears that he will be suspended for three games he's not yet been notified by the league as far as we understand but if you recall last night just as the news broke shefty joins us and said hey you know he's not gonna suspend it there's too much money on the line he's not going to appeal it there's too much money on the line next year if he is the spended then versus this year he's just heard serena williams from pro football talks they really feels like they worked out sort of a deal they knew this was coming but when you think about what would they would they understand about james we have to have a little bit of background and that's what makes us difficult now remember this comes from female uber driver that went public last fall accusing jamie's of grabbing her crotch during a ride in march of twenty sixteen winstons camp denied the allegations are i put now there's new information continuing to come out on our side that maybe sheds more light on it michelle beedle this morning on get up one of one of our best said the actions of jameis winston doesn't surprise her at all checkout we'll beat beetle head to say years ago when he was still in college i was very outspoken about what kind of character i thought james winston was and is and i was killed by a lovely group of humans that identify themselves as as hashtag fsu twitter we all receive all kinds of good things this was a specific group of people that wanted to die on the hill that this particular gentleman is a good character and fit to lead a team and fit to be the face of the franchise and i was wrong and i am this this and this and now here we are i don't have much to say other than i am zero percent shocked i'm zero percent shock we're back in the situation i'm zero percent shock that james winston and the words basically sexual assault again are going together this is abed that the buccaneers made and now they get to sleep in it now as we try and figure out sort of what happened that night outside the lines paula levine who's going to join us at eight o'clock eastern tonight paula was doing some great reporting on this and what we now have our friends turning around their stories so a friend of james winston who was with the buccaneers quarterback the night that this allegedly happened says winston left a party scene alone in the car that does not match what he's been saying up to this point so it's a reminder that the information that we're trying to to sort through is not necessarily all complete because it's still being reported on and it's still coming through so now when everybody said no no no the original the original denial from his camp was that he was never alone in the in the car and that it was a group of people and she must have been confused about what was happening or who did it now one of the people that's always been on part of that statement and supposedly was in the car has turned around and said no no no no no i had nothing to do with it it's a tricky situation because he's a quarterback and i know that shouldn't be a tricky situation but the fact is he's a quarterback we look at quarterbacks with the particular set of lenses we need a quarterback to be particular kind of person so it's very difficult because let's be realistic quarterback sell tickets quarterback jerseys quarterback so the face of the franchise how many of you out there right now driving around canadian anybody else to place with a box other than james winston now how do you balance the fact that so many of his transgressions that we've talked about in the beetle just talked about how many of that of how much of that.

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