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Me and my co host Paul sweetie as we dig into the latest Bank earnings, plus the conversation with banker to the world. Bill roads today at ten eastern on Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg the a fitting markets headlines and breaking news twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. The Bloomberg business app tick tock on Twitter. Bloomberg business flash. And I'm John Tucker. Bloomberg news is Bloomberg business flash. A morning wind stock index futures in the US pretty much flat. Investors, waiting some more. The big Bank earnings. This comes after j p Morgan's upbeat results on Friday. A Senate supported by reports of progress. Also, the trade talks jiffy mortgage results on Friday, ease fears that the first quarter burning session with slam the brakes on the rallied that we have seen. We get Goldman Sachs and CitiGroup slightly higher. The pre-market ahead of their results this morning Bank of America that reports on Tuesday. Futures right now unshaved the Dow futures sixteen points lower than futures are down about six points right now ten year yield the US to fifty six the the prices down by one thirty second right now. Crude oil declining. Nymex crude is down fifty four cents a barrel at sixty three thirty five. Bryant still above seventy is down fifty eight cents a barrel. Seventy dollars ninety seven cents a barrel and COMEX gold twelve eighty six sixty that's down about eight dollars, sixty cents outs. We check the markets for you every fifteen minutes during the trading day here on Bloomberg radio. I'm John Tucker. That's the Bloomberg business flash. Tom and Pol John Tucker. Thanks.

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