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Move that a senior administration official described as a wartime bridge The White House has tried to frame high grass prices as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine dubbing the increased Putin's price hike But persistently high gas prices are a political problem for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections Republicans have seized on the issue and even begun holding events at gas stations in key battleground states It's unclear how quickly the release will trickle down to gas stations twice in the last few months the president has announced additional releases of oil but he's been under political pressure to do more As Mahal NPR news The White House International Atomic Energy Agency says Russian forces are withdrawing from Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear site Reports the withdrawal comes a little over a month after Russian troops invaded the facility The Atomic Energy Agency says that two convoys of troops headed out of Chernobyl towards the Belarusian border Russian forces also formally returned control of the site to Ukrainian authorities Chernobyl which was the site of the world's first nuclear accident in 1986 was taken by Russia in late February Ukrainian workers were held at the site for weeks without relief and to power outage briefly threaten safety systems at the defunct nuclear plant The agency said it was not able to confirm a rumor that some Russian troops had been exposed to high doses of radiation while working in the exclusion zone around the site Jeff brumfield and pyr news Washington Prosecutors say they're charging an employee of the National Security Agency with sending classified information over his personal email NPR's Carrie Johnson reports the man was arrested by the FBI Mark Gunn can hold allegedly passed government secrets 13 times using his personal email address between 2018 and 2020 The indictment says the information related to the national defense and was classified at the secret and top secret levels Uncle holtz worked for an NSA office that coordinated with private sector businesses Prosecutors didn't identify the person who received the information or that person's private employer But they said the person used to have a security clearance One can hold faces 26 different criminal charges for unlawfully transmitting and retaining secrets in his personal email account Carrie Johnson and PR news Washington Okay government inflation gauge took a big bump up in February the government announcing today its consumer price index rose 6.4% It was the biggest year over year increase since 1982 Stocks lost ground in the final trading day of the first quarter the Dow plunged 550 points today the NASDAQ was down 221 points You were listening to NPR From WAB news in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim burris or time now 5 O four Atlanta's labor force grew to an all time high in February It added nearly 30,000 people that brings the total number of Georgians employed to more than 3.2 million That's according to the Georgia Department of Labor Atlanta's unemployment rate also dropped in February to 3.2% From January Investigations conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor found that agricultural employers across the southeast underpaid farmworkers by nearly $2 million just last year But as Emil Moffat reports convincing workers to report such violations can often be a challenge In the 300 investigations the Labor Department conducted last year in the southeast it found thousands of workers being paid below their promised wages or made to work or live in unsafe conditions They also found some employers illegally passing along the costs of H two 8 temporary worker visas to their employees by Rios with the DOL says farm workers who aren't citizens often worry about contacting a federal agency he says partnerships with worker advocacy organizations and a Spanish language tipline have helped a lot Workers just like with the employer program feel much more comfortable calling let's say a legal aid organization He says in addition to civil penalties the Department of Labor will continue educational efforts to make sure the ag industry is aware of the laws a meal Moffat W ABE news A bill helping food trucks is heading to the governor's desk It would allow food truck operators to use their health permit from the county where their base in other counties as well Right now they have to get a separate permit for each county where they go The bill could say food truck operators thousands of dollars and allow them to operate in more counties You can find more local news on our website that said W ABE dot org amplified Atlanta this is 90.1 WAB news Support for NPR comes from NPR stations Other contributors include Fisher investments wealth management offering guidance on retirement income social security and estate planning More at Fisher investments dot com Clearly different money management investing in securities involves the risk of loss Look for a clear skies tonight cool with lows in the mid 40s for tomorrow lots of sunshine with a high of 64 68 for Saturday It's 5 O 6 This is all things considered from NPR news I'm Kelsey Snell in Washington And I'm Elsa Chang in Los Angeles Today the U.S. announced more sanctions on some Russian businesses and individuals and Russia in turn has asked to be paid for its gas exports in rubles Meanwhile the U.S. expects to deliver all of the $800 million in military aid to Ukraine which includes shoulder fired weapons against tanks and aircraft by the middle of April The Pentagon says they are seeing some repositioning of Russian forces away from Kyiv to the north but according to NATO intelligence Russia is maintaining pressure on Kyiv While NPR is Alyssa nad morney is there in Kyiv and she joins us now hi Alyssa Hi Elsa Okay so what are you hearing on the ground about continued fighting Well Ukrainian forces are still fighting all over the country even in her son which Russians claim to have taken Here in Kyiv we've had air sirens much of the evening tonight and there were two loud explosions near the center of the city officials haven't released information on what was hit yet But multiple explosions were reported here Tuesday night and into the early hours of Wednesday Ukrainian officials are echoing what western intelligence has said major volodymyr fit ya a spokesperson for Ukraine's ground forces command told us this today He's saying there is no retreat Certain divisions have left because they've lost their military effectiveness We've damaged them a great deal and others are coming in their place And I understand that Alyssa you have been out and about talking to people in Kyiv before the sirens What did you find walking around there So Kiva is a city that's still mostly empty It's estimated that half the population has left And overwhelmingly the people that we do find you know they say they don't trust Russian promises They're anticipating this war to last a while And yet there's also a sense that this is the new normal you know people are moving out of the shelters and back into their apartments and some who left Kyiv are trickling back in Sitting.

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