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Thirty years which is No Way abnormal compared to global cycles and it you know it can't possibly be the the deciding factor in California's forest fires for example a couple of tenths of a degree over a few decades it's it's just but people lose the perspective the goal things are really getting hotter we've got this problem but the evidence doesn't show that hasn't the California governor basically blamed human caused climate change for these wildfires when it's really P. G. an eagle the R. electrical power company yeah well P. Jeannie probably say it plays a factor because if power lines can cause sparking and all the rest and it's dry and it's drive but govern Newsome you're right as as blamed climate change the problem is though again we're talking about a couple tenths and a few tenths of a degree in a few decades and to think that that is a big deal with and and the dryness again if you look at data from from no there are if we we've gone through dry periods in the past over the last century there were there was a study done in just a couple years ago called the let me find it here the little Hoover commission report Hoover commission report in eighteen and they said there were three big reasons why California's having to these disasters players and they are getting worse and the burning more area but one of the reasons is we've had a century of fire suppression and so they've prevented these forest fires for a long time and the forests are not crowded with tinder dry brush and it's also worsen conditions for insect damage and disease I think it was the the US department of agriculture the estimates that we have something like always use for service a hundred and forty seven bill million dead trees in California and most of those dying since two thousand ten the other factor is they've cut way down on forestry it's down about a sixty five percent in the last two or three decades so we have all these these forests that are choked with brush we're not cutting down the trees and so on we have a fire we have these huge conflagrations and nobody can stop again this has nothing to do with two tenths of a degree temperature rise or or almost it's almost negligible is there a big money in man made climate change issues well it is I think it's one of the factors yes follow the Cambridge over three hundred billion dollars a year right now to try and force the switch to renewables all sorts of other factors we have vice presences sustainability of companies and deans of sustainability universities we have environmental dusted newspapers we have wind and solar and bio fuel industries and and all these things have become big business now these are the there's nothing wrong with renewable so what's wrong with that okay I'm I'm not necessarily against renewables I just think that we shouldn't be subsidizing enforcing the adoption of renewables with the idea that we're going to stop the climate for morning or the planet from warming there's no evidence of that we also have some what I would call kind of a a severe movements now we have something called the electrify everything why don't they simply say those Stephen were running on a natural resources folks we need renewables it has nothing to do with climate change we just need to be able to save the planet because one day with all these people that are being born on this planet we're going to run out of natural resources we're going to be a part creek why can't think then it has been an argument the fact is though it's not true is a talk about an outside the green box so called resource depletion isn't happening we have literally because of the Uyghur carbon revolution from fracturing we have centuries at least a couple centuries of oil and gas remaining we also have these methane hydrates the the coastal shelves under the under the ocean where they literally have this I use that is full of natural gas of those estimates are ten times as large as all the gas reserves in the world so there's really no evidence that we're running out of of resources so that argument doesn't work very well either what now what's your take on a hundred U. S. cities that have pledged to be a hundred percent renewable by twenty fifty yeah it's it's it's a big fan of it we have give you some extreme sample Saint Louis that's where I am right now but Israel right now is I think by twenty thirty five they want to be a hundred percent electricity renewable but the state of Missouri gets about seventy seventy seven percent of their power from coal electrical power in ninety seven percent from non renewable sources Ohio is similar both Cincinnati in Cleveland mayors are city councils of pledge they're going to be a hundred percent renewable Ohio is three percent renewable today of these so the city leaders have absolutely no idea how to do this and what it's going to cost but the evidence we see around the world as it is going to raise energy prices for the residents the big issue too is scientists are warning of a major sea level rise by twenty one hundred and of course they're blaming the carbon dioxide pollution for this they are former vice president Al Gore in in his movie and in his books talked about a twenty foot rise by the year twenty one hundred he got the data from Dr James Hansen the at NASA others have predicted big rice's but we have very good data on tight gauges inside your tight gauges around the world we have all over the world show on air Bridger rice of seven or eight inches per century further you can go to a site at NASA and the message tells us that oceans have risen a hundred and twenty meters of three hundred ninety feet in the last twenty thousand years I have NO scientists can tell you a natural sea level rise stopped and man made sealevel rise began so the great news is we're probably going to have to adjust to a seven or eight inch per century rice the the bad news is water ski Manhattan postcards are not going to be in big demand not gonna happen and so the I. any any pull a politician as does the you know so to stop the rise of the season I think you better get though a little better a little bit of personal follow now is there any company is leading the way to get this thing taken care of war people don't panic and think it's all man made well I'm I'm sorry to say most of industry has bought into this is trump tremendous pressure on companies I talk about it now side the green box companies are spending millions of dollars every year on environmental methods or procedures that don't really do any financing for the environment such as subsidizing in purchasing renewables counting the carbon dioxide foot print even buying carbon credits in a lot of other things is it when I go in it present to companies I say there's only one place for this activity that's in your public relations department because it doesn't do anything else but they're under terrific pressure even the the the petroleum industry has come out saying that we have a great product everybody wants it but it's causing the climate this to change and it's hurting mankind so what we.

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