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Believe for tina's character should have a grandmother. That's all i'm going to say next. We're getting you between the sheets of sizzling page-turners. You can't put down on our summer. Book review summers the perfect time to catch up on the latest page turner. So right now. We're getting a book review of the reads. You'll want to dive into editorial director at our sponsor amazon books. Sarah gilman there sunny. Thank you so much hi there. Thank you so much for joining me again. I just loved our last segment and we got such great recommendations. So i wanna do it again. Let's just jump in with the one book you say we should all be reading. Count the ways. Tell us all about it. So i lead a team of editors whose job is help amazon customers. Discover their next favorite buff. You can imagine. I read a lot and the book i'm recommending to everyone right now is joyce maynard count the ways. It's a sweeping saga that unfolds over four decades about a family from the early days of marriage to parenthood to divorce and at the aftermath. I read this book months ago. I literally cannot stop thinking about it and recommending it people. I'm so glad that finally on fail and other people can read. It deals with really universal topics like parenthood particularly motherhood love the little things that build and break a relationship and also super timely topic like transgenderism and the meat you reckoning. I'm a mom. And i found myself underlining so many passages in this book that resonated with me so so much this has be literary fiction book to add to your beach bag this summer. It is hands down the best book. I've read so far in two thousand twenty one. Wow that is quite. The endorsement. Next up is falling. Tell us about that one. So i'm finally getting asked again. What books should i read on my flight. And i love getting that ben and following. Were not about a plane hijacking. It would be the perfect book for a flight. It's thrilling and just action packed pilot. Bill hoffman is about take off on a cross country flight and he gets the video call from his wife's phone. He answers it but it's not his wife it's the man that's holding his wife his son and his infant daughter hostage. The man gets bill. Choice can either crashed the airplane and all the passengers on it or his family dies. Imagine the movie speed but on an airplane. There's also a really interesting backstory the author. Tj newman is the debut novelist and she wrote this book while she was a flight attendant and staffing cross country. Flights writing out notes on napkins. I just think this is such a fun thriller. It is just everything you want a thriller for the summer. It taught to spend full literally unpredictable. Well i definitely want to check that one out and also an avid reader as you know and you recommended the book while we were dating. I absolutely loved it. I loved it really. Because i'm just in the mood right now for a summer beach read. I need something that's really light. I need something. That sort of just takes me away. And i actually read this on a beach on vacation and it was the perfect perfect. We're talking about two people that sort of start a fake relationship to kind of solve their own problems and we know in the romance world how that generally ends up. They find out really interesting things about each other steamy. it's sexy. It's just really a lot of fun and thank you for the recommendation. Of course. I read this book on vacation to your right. It's such a great vacation. Read and i think we books mean different things to people but to me. This is the perfect each book. It has romance. that has steamy scenes. Actually really funny to the whole time. I read this. I thought i hope they turn us into a movie. Yes it is funny. You're absolutely right. That was that was a great part of it. Our thanks to our sponsor amazon books and sarah gilman. Our virtual audience is going home with all of these books including a signed copy.

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