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We now have more friends do it with so many friends to heroin with now during the recording of thin lizzy next album black rose a rock legend drugs were where fill in the band were so reliant on it that they could not even perform if they weren't fucked up. That's what I'm saying like. Eventually with heroin, it comes back and bites you in the ASS. Yeah, you become that. Alter Ego that heroin house you to exude. You don't actually know what's going on our either at all. Yeah, no! It was all too much for Gary Moore, who, after playing a show in California on the fourth of July quit the band for good too many fireworks. It's spooked him about. It's like a little puppy calling like fireworks and behind the bed. They found him in the bathtub and he's also so strung out on heroin. Mostly blaming the hair on that I don't know if Gary Moore did heroin, but I'm sure he at least drank a fuck ton, yeah! He's fucked up enough. Yeah, once again. The band cycled through temporary guitarist to fill Gary's place finally settling on snowy white. In one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty. Okay! Sure sure why not? The band's next album Chinatown was released later that year to continued success. They're song killer on the loose reached the top ten in the UK, although it was met with a whole lot of criticism at the time serial killer Peter. sutcliffe known as the Yorkshire ripper. Wreaking havoc on England and the song was a bit too on the nose. Upset this was when the band started falling apart. This is when the band survival this is when. This is when even fill started falling apart. God escalating drug problems were ravaging the band especially. Fill both Brian Downey and Scott Gorham had to leave thin. Lizzy European tour because of health issues brought on by drug use Jeez snowy white left in nineteen, eighty-two fed up with Phil's constant reliance on heroin. The band even lost their manager to fed up with their bullshit reeling them in despite all this, they pulled their shit together enough to record another album, thunder and lightning, which would be their last studio album..

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