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Now if you haven't it's great because if there's a recall or any news that really affects you and your animals you'll get it I through your notifications on your your phone your smartphone. I still have one of those. Flip phones upgrading. has really. Oh my God I know it's I don't even know how to work those anymore. I you know things confuse me. Like Electron confuse me in phones especially so I'm happy with it. You don't have your old dial phone. It's well I would if I could would. It's it's actually more costly now. Have a dial phone or a landline. Ones they want you to get one cheaper if you get the landline. And who needs it? I mean how can I text from a landline at a restaurant? That's what I want to know. Because that's what you do at restaurants you know when you go out with a lot of people you just everybody your phone. Yeah don't even talk to each with my little flip phone. I'm like looking around at everyone at the dinner table. Like trying to start some conversation but they're all engaged in their phones. Oh Yeah and then we went out to dinner the other night and there's a computer right there on the table that you pay your bill from God forbid that you would wanNA play the Trivia. You would have to pay an extra two dollars to kids. I thought I'll play the kids trivia. That's gotTa be free. They always do everything to make the kids happy. Oh guilty I played that before. Got The bill for whoops anyway So it appears that in just a few minutes we may be talking to Bob. Barker for his fifteenth appearance here on Animal Radio. Find Out in just a couple of seconds right here a lorry. What are you working on over there in the newsroom? Well we've got something new happening in the world of exotic pets but this isn't your kind of water tropical pat. This is more of a unique new pet. But they're calling it exotic and we'll tell you what it is and it's supposedly very very difficult to potty train this if not impossible. Don't get your hopes up. Okay okay. I'm not even potty trained yet okay. So let's go to the phones and another one for Doc. We have ron on the phone. Hi Ron Welcome to the show. What's going on from Jock lab named Dolly? She's chewing on her pads on the bottom of our feet right now or two front paws. Go ahead well. If this is something where it just happened all of a sudden the first thing I look at it as if there's been some reason activity that's kind of gone over the edge. Some dogs will just be especially labs. They'll be a little bit anxious in Overdo it when it comes to activities like retrieving running so if there's been some physical injury where she sustained that then We look at bandaging and getting her off her feet and some aren't are for a while. Now there are certainly dogs that will get some cracked pads and for various different reasons. Some of them can be some Metabolic problems inside the body And Other Times. It's just a matter of some dry skin or what. We call hyper carrots. Hostess so I it really would be something. I would advise to have a vet their eyeballs just so that we could make that distinction because there are definitely some really freaky looking foot pads in older dogs. Where the the foot pad actually grows off to the side. It gets all kind of briskly looking and it can have all these fissures and cracks in it and by itself that isn't usually a problem So the fact that she's bothering it and especially if we see and using her bleeding then you know this is something we really need to get a look at it and with an older girl of thirteen. Some of those metabolic problems can come to the surface and we might want to. You know evaluate that a bit further. Oh Gosh is what this is all of a sudden. I'm a truck driver choosing truck all the time so okay. It causes a problem because they're different places all the time and she's walking with all the time and that's hot sometimes the Yea In this if this would be something where You know it sounds silly in Hallo probably laugh at me but our our dog. Booties and dog. Socks that have little bits of skid pads on the bottom so it is a matter of your her feeder sensitive and we're not able to get to a vet to do bandaging some of those little socks in The booties it. Takes a little time to get amused that knack limited to that but that might be a protective device that you could use especially when you're on the road to just keep those feet from really getting irritated and yes. I would put those on boss. I think that's totally fine. There's nothing wrong with it. They're cute. I actually do think when you start putting on the dresses with the frills that I get a little After the booties are great. And I know that lady bug actually has little. Booties Corner. So Cute Ron. I hope that helps you out. Buddy thank you very much. By the way we do follow ups. I don't think there's any other radio show that does follow ups. If you if you have issues still are solution. Doesn't.

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