Sanders, Biden, Booker discussed on Ben Shapiro


Dot com slash bent by Raycom dot com slash spending again when you use that code that publicly bent get fifteen percent off ray kind of wireless earbuds okay self tonight will be Warren verses Sanders I think it's sort of four ordained that the media coverage will be warned big winner because the media desperately want to warn versus Heris race they wanna female candidates and the pre ordained outcome of tomorrow night is going to be Biden gets shellac again this time by Booker and here so watch for that narrative to emerge tonight's debate will be less interesting than tomorrow night's debate where you sort of get harassed versus Biden again this time Biden going in but I think a different attitude he feels like he's got to go after Harris and that of course is correct he does yes to show that he is durable he can take a hit they can this one out we'll get this the customer night and that'll be more interesting tonight it'll sort of the judge clamoring for attention Marianne Williamson getting all of the fun attention I can only hope that she actually perform some sort of some sort of ouija board ceremony I think that would be fine other than that it'll be a couple old people cuddling each other I mean it is kind of amusing how everybody has ignored the Elizabeth ward is pretty old Elizabeth Warren is a septuagenarian she seven years old that's seventy versus seventy eight not all young frisky Bucks in this crowd the the person could best be described as that in this field probably booty judge and again but it has gotten all sorts of attention but he's reached high water mark and now he's beginning to recede back to what he was you know forty six percent Beto still hanging around can Beto recapture magic now because Beto is too busy being a very there's got nothing they they don't fit I mean his faded more dramatically than a sepia tinted photo from nineteen thirty two I mean he is just gone the way of the dodo bird here coming up we're gonna talk about Elizabeth Lawrance trade plants just proposed a new trade plan it's pretty awful I am a free trader I've been critical of president trump's trade plans she makes president trump look like a free trader to an extraordinary extent and yet she will be.

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