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There are eight Kentucky fouls. Skews the, Dan gel. Pure is going to inbound the ball possession arrow, by the way is to Kentucky. Auburn got two timeouts remaining is pure PC. Inbound from the baseline thirty three point seven months ago. They get it to Harper. He is double teamed in the corner. He called an immediate timeout. Always funny. He turned to his left victim the slot recipe. That was John Calipari. He goes timeout. I guess he's not gonna give me a guess. Back to the baseline and got the time out. Yeah. No Cal wasn't giving them the time. Now, they're in trouble because they can't run the floor and their deep almost into foreigner flight from Kentucky bench. Well, that's a it's a razor's edge. If you're doing this you want the ball in Harper's hands, but they gave it to him at a spot where he was easily trapped influence a minute corner. Your hope if they do get it in the Gideon where you can trap him and he grabbed him because he had the sideline working informed and the end lines now this past here. It's going to be interesting whether Bruce Pearl what somebody logs it takes a look at somebody deep on this way. One time out left if we can trust our scoreboard for Auburn one for Kentucky. They're also trying to figure out how much time should actually be on the clock right now at thirty two point one. I think they got it settled. I thought he says only one second off the thirty seven o'clock. I thought he had the ball more than one second before he took the time out. Doc cattle Perry's over huddling up with Terry Ymer at the center of the floor making his case for something. You're Auburn fans are off they wanna be more enthusiastic. They're worried Kentucky fans are terrified digits standing there hoping against hope it has been full out tension for literally the entire second-half. Here was y'all. Keen on the inbound didn't Harper. He runs into the forecourt. Try a foul. They can't Harper's triple in the clock away as he goes all around the edge of the court at his vitally foul by Johnson. Wow. Way too much. Almost four and a half seconds before they filed really good play the inbound they ran Jared Harper toward the end live. And then he went up the sideline they threw the ball. And all the Kentucky players were chasing him. All you gotta do is slide on his legs. And he would always like Marcus gains at that spot dribble and around all over the place and try to kill time. These Athlon right now, I one is up and it's good. He's eight eight the first. Twenty three points for junior Jared Harper, and he's got his team topped by five this pretty much forces a three point shot at proper Knox for Kentucky. Benza studies. It fires it hits it seventy four sixty eight Auburn on top gotta be at three and it's got to be relatively quick twenty four point nine to go here in overtime. What a hard-fought ballgame pagans dries into the forecourt as it back for hero. How top Washington a three got it? Right over the top of rice on a quick time out per Kentucky. You jot PJ Washington from beyond the art tell you how impressed I am with composure. This young Kentucky. They knew they needed to three hero to enforce it. One more dribble. Handoff. And they got a good more from their best player time out on the floor. Sixty.

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