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Hear each week for subscribers with the wrestling observer observer and you're going to be on tomorrow as well with Bryan Alvarez Yeah doing double duty on the weekend because we couldn't do a regular show on Friday so I volunteered to you go with him on Sunday and figured you could use a co host on Saturday morning. Hey I need all the help I can get no doubt about that. I WanNa talk to you about some things. Including <hes> what's going on with one of your star Pupils Rachel Evers but first we need to talk about triple mania triple as big card of the year ear and it seems like every year they pull something out of a hat. That gets a lot of buzz whether it's Dr Wagner losing his mask or or the park is fighting but this year it's Cain Velasquez and some other cool things let's go to the cubs fan from Lucia blog a cubs fan. How much buzz is Cain Velasquez are going forward and this is just the first match that doing it 'cause he's he's developed a taste for doing wrestling <hes> he's talked about doing the triple eight shows coming up in new york and los angeles which would be a big help to those shows i think <hes> even beyond that i think he's probably looking at other arkansas newsouth her <hes> he's talked about wanting to combine them and they and wrestling go patents for chains like a challenge for anyone but it seems like something he definitely wants to be part upton like on board you mentioned the madison square garden and l._a. shows do you think to build interest for those that we're gonna see some big angles else tonight that's what i think's it happened that they could use some help though shows which have not sold so many tickets so far but aaa usually ashley has problems remembering to build a nutshell they're so focused on the show that they're doing but sometimes they don't use for shoplifting pangalos for next show and then they just come what's the timing between kane is teeming with cody and psycho clown against l. tejano junior and black cars and a mystery partner any thoughts what's on the mystery partner i think most of us believe that was going to be cooler across from impact who's been a regular for laser last couple of years and has traded with cain <hes> <hes> las vegas but there may be some issue with having a wrestler from impact the same batch as <hes> that's worth from a._w._s. cody rhodes there's been talk that <hes> triple eight eight and trying to get someone's upset about the been jumping but no one's quite sure who's going to be at this point main event blue damon junior when you're putting his mask on the line against the hair of dr wagner junior there has been hance that this may be one of their last matches the losers last match do you anticipate that will happen no i it's been it's been great fun i'm actually it was l._a. partout originally told dr wagner the he needs to retire he could this loss and reading agreed and then also took like twenty different buckets in the next two months and demons everywhere for the next uh-huh so they're putting on the pressure retirement but miller blades is actually going to be the last match that big of a deal of wagner gets his head shaved i think it will be the first time someone gets their head shaved that usually holds up as a big thing <hes> wegger had obviously has had problems growing volunteer one matching taking using some weird looking here extensions to make it all go bigger than i think because he's never taken a big profile loss with this was here i think jewel also meanwhile the other big match tonight the debut in mexico of kenny omega he teams with the young bucks to take on pentagon junior phoenix and hand laredo kid that should be an excellent match yeah it's the messia rematch biographies it's a remeasuring borana the download when the young bucks at introverted phase i think it'll be interesting to see what the reaction to finagle will be he's honestly this time of year he's usually fighting jiwan with tens of thousands of people cheering him on this'll be his first time in mexico and a lot of the w when they first nextel the triple eight crowd doesn't quite know them maybe uh-huh majors but i think the natural pretty over do you think it's possible that the relationship with they w and aaa we could see maybe some triple a. r. e. w. guys on the new york and l._a. shows i know that's something that aaa i want but i think it's awa trying to pursue their own line of unscheduled where they've had people on shelf everyone's but they aren't going to want to learn how to many places i think also that eighty w probably really wants to go math and squared irons that they want i couldn't they there'll be others learned a sports if they can sell himself regardless of if they sell it out or not do you think that <hes> triple eight will run the shell in madison square garden despite a ticket sales being a little soft right now i believe so i haven't heard any hints at their cancel i- effort some suggestions is that maybe they'll look to run the who they're they're the smaller their next to for to reduce the capacity right now it seems like they're doing the show continue to promote within aaa shows even though they haven't really imagine when we look back at recent triple mania is how do you compare this lineup and the excitement for this card versus others i think it's a better person the recent cards there's a lot of variety of people involved there's a better roster asser overall been they've had over the last two or three years and look like the factions that no one expected like cody rhodes and teams last cycle clown it's it's got a lot of variety of stuff that's how interesting thing i think it's going to be issue it's going to be easy to watch the find different stuff that'd be casual viewer at detroit you're us going to see some of our favorite guys big spots and it's free on twitch tonight it's free lunch which with some commercial interruptions <hes> and eh available in both english and spanish i do we know who the english commentators are yet no that's a controversy <hes> let's record it's definitely doing announcing then pills announcing other people have told me that is not nothing there will be announcers <hes> they essentially fashion it worked absolutely won't be at this point one of my frustrations with triple mania has been technical issues for the broadcast on it seems like they're always great cards for the crowd in live attendance but they all weather it sound or whomever they use his commentators there always seems to be the broadcast issues do you think we'll finally get things ironed out tonight i hope on the production side it'll be fine they've been in the running on twitter about weekly with all their t._v. for the last year and a half so that has pretty much smoothly it just aaa way has not really pretty asset to put together an english team that will appeal to say way japan has done with kevin kelly and different and you've kind of seen as able or patriots shop and something that's really focused on that i think that's held the mapping somebody's it's something that they really really need to have it tonight with that because people interested in the product in the u._s. school or going to buy tickets for that new york and l._a. show but i'm not sure they decentralize it it's easy to the cubs fan from lucia blog working people connect with you you can see me on twitter at lucia blog i will <hes> on my hi probation there and you'll also find me on twitch after triple mania ends we're going to do a live podcast which happened to show and talking about what's next play right and you can find all the information on twitter at neutral lots there's a cubs fan thanks for joining us talking about triple mania tonight you could see cain.

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