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I think jake no choice. You Know Jake wants to fly against Kassai and yeah. It's become apparent if given that he asked to go through and it's so yeah it's being pushed John J more than anything to be honest style wise. This one feels like it's going to be An entertaining spectacle. Would you agree with that hundred percent. I mean the two guys the thing. They're more cold than more. You know they can get in the zone of warning to each other. You know they're not just entertainers I think In both desperately expertly want to win more than anything I think I think this could shape up to be the best youtube boxing we've ever ever had one of them even though the event doesn't seem as peaking there's not as many people and the events don't seem to be packed I think overall the fight should be unbelievably entertaining. Take your here And I know try to stay neutral but you will have an inkling as to the way that you think is going to go. What would that be to be honest? I think it's going to be a wool. Honestly gave it was gonNA make it scrappy. He wants to make it conversation. A white collar talk. He doesn't want it to be technical and at the students where they're trying to pick shots and I think that's going to make it look a war proper battle with it's GonNa go the distance I don't think Jacob be able to get The shots away that he wants to. And I don't think Gabe we'll be able to be clean enough with his shots to get a K. O.. I think maybe the best obt. Ko from Gabe Balkan. See this in the distance Islamique Logan fight and give winning purely aggression you know orchestra and the fire pushing the fight and making it happen. This feels like it's divided besides as well That the youtube community on the UK. Soy come together and I think Jake Paul said one or two comments like the none of you. You Ca- I k.. Guys can fight and that's kind of made like an US against them type. Feel is that right. I mean but without doubt Jay Paul. Was this untouchable. Top of the game name character getting millions and millions of us on top of the world and now so the UK. We'll see his views of drop. He's not doing as well as he was. And if we love the fact that he's needing analyzing Gabe who used to make fief videos open impacts. He needs him in order to stay relevant essentially. So yeah we're pushing mission and we know what the dailies and we love it so if he wins this but the whole of twitter the hold of social media will just go crazy you know not just in the UK as well a thing around the world. One of the things I have to say I love the seven-figure Giver Energy. Yes brings up policy of energy winner. Roy brings great great to one thing before Woah. Just obviously we all come from the professional boxing world. We immerse ourselves in it. That's all day to day job How do you think things have been perceived off to I massive event between the two worlds colliding? Almost I think there was quite people. Were prepared to hate it unprepared for massive backlash. I don't feel like that happened happened from also I. Did you feel like catchy. There was a mutual respect. There will a thing look. It was the most entertaining fall on the night. You know you had these. These professionals showcased amazing skills but the entertainment limit value was in that you know the main event and Logan which I think it was amazing. You know obviously there are people you know we do agree. It wasn't the best quality and it wasn't by evenly. Yeah it was scrap. It was entertaining. It's what you know while we love books in well entertainment wise not quality but yeah it was a great fine. I think overall you you know walking away from it we will we love and hope it does continue buffet. If if she wins this fight against Jake a thing that could potentially be the end of it. Because it doesn't I don't know if there's many other narratives will always have faith that want to do whereas if jake wins he will probably go on to face. KFI Okay well you say perfectly looking forward to the rest of the flight week events and if you do want to tune in and watch the three big world title fights on the card as well early hours of Friday morning set your alarms two am squash books main event. Hopefully you can join us. Then we're going to continue to not tall. Paul turns out here all I didn't need hand. How come Andy? Scott is in Miami sunning himself supposedly working and we're hearing all Salihi now is the last bit was for you. I think is now gonNa ask you your opinions on this love or oh hated as we said there's definitely an appetite for ut. Boxing G think is here to stay other low. Come on give us all safe. Because the just the Fella there just said it give wins might be the end of it. I don't think progressive doing it. The Freddie Flintoff the boxer and my issue is how easy it is to get a professional license. That's the worry for me. 'cause it has danger because long's it before the stop fighting each other and generally believe because if you've got if you've got people like you really talk amateur or you like people telling you the best of the best you just added thinking well people can't be wrong. I must be the best. So they got millions of people. Saying you're God you're the best you're the best. You really the best fight of the night. Where does it end thus my worry that they ended up that they will fight a genuine professional fighter? And that's where someone's going to get hurt then do on their own youtube uh-huh prolonged skype. TV Pay per view is a market for it or why we knew exploit ask US business but the fact that they can get professional licenses just by being mm physically fit is my only issue do it. Good luck to them. It's a great experience. Get in the ring in a bucket. This was some people it'd be. What is white collar shows like three times a week on the country in the world? But when when you when you when they get fresh license just by just by being physically healthy there's a problem that's my only issue. It's not just the fact that the that it has professional boehner and you can only. Yeah I've never really fall a lot to agree with what you're saying because you know they get into professional license in the not professional boxes a apart from not sort of offering huffing case. Great really supposed to do and they. They've created the the publicity they've created the con of Youtube Youtube market and for them to two of the following of goal and to be able to fly for for the morning the flight. Four and everything. I mean people out Myself Kennedy Dream and do we not. That's what we want to do. That's what we want to create and so they've got a look to unveil on their on the card. Yeah Difficult painful via the same before offering when Kfi for the lowest legal they filled out the staple center now now for me to follow the staple center pack Staple Center off they did it was very different. I think are just said. This is a very different demographic to say to you or a normal that we would be out for a normal boxing. Show that we do. It was a very different democrat. The whole atmosphere is very different throughout the night until healthy Youtube star is a strange one. Is Your bill known the car to be honest if it was difficult difficult Paolino film because that is opening up this ball to a different generation and a different community. I'm Gosh I in the seventy state is sports are in standard. I don't know whether it brings in a new audience though to be fair because they follow them if they if next week they stopped on sport the wheel bottle racing. They'RE GONNA follow. It sounds good because I'm sure and residents as if he locked but I think that's that's there's there's legs in it like that but the fact they want to do it. Good look look I think McCallum saw feel the same way in probably also that if you want to do awesome. It's a fantastic experience to do it but to get in the license. I worry about the dangers. If these are crossing over to fight in real professional fighters being trained and like Kalomo myself from young youngsters to Maine and then then you'll see the difference. It might be boring when the same quality when you when when you've got respectful to to the profession though I I was going to get hurt. And then there's a stain on the spot. That's how I feel about. I don't care about the disrespect us. Burden Gordon Parsons can be one of the businesses. There have been so but the heard not roof at bathrooms bald point and of course we Andre Defenses. W Belt against Dublin's Luke Keillor. What do you think is the chance to think? I don't don't think so. I think he's had just a massive terror on allows of two years of his career. I remember when he for the first time and he was the end the dog he he was meant to get beat. No To be honest and I I was there. I worked at night and I thought he was going to have well beat and he didn't Balk so well returnee box even better and and then recently any boxer will classified ad in a real good job. I just think this is where the love the bottom of the magic. You gotTA call. You should be no one. Anita will tell and he's not only their preserved the right to be there not enough to lucky because he's pretty oh no marketable so many followers or whatever it is just a pure work determination and take his chances in the risks here and that's that's the magic of the sport. He's gone from nowhere to somewhere from. Shehab Bob Look how tough test is catering is again you go offense drily to to win the fight in twelve You when you say as he got a chance I mean he has a chance because he's a you know So if two people servings almost always got a chance almost onus but yeah I mean the chances are we know who's GonNa win but you can never say never. That's the farmer takes on. Joe Joe Dias. What are we thinking about this on? I think it's a good. It's a good test but I I'd like like family. I I do think I I. I'm not sure what you as I just don't think yes the mental toughness to just get over the line. I think family might do a good job loss to Gary Russell. Junior isn't he was very very good when he fights he caused. Listen impassable never ever seen the So much common seven farmers overseas very far and he's a talent is name we'll arguably the fives the night is Daniel run against the Young and aggressive Akmadov from the Pakistan looking forward to that one again that'll tell you every step armature again a lot of these Asian in countries and Eastern European countries that just Russell quick and nobody at seven maybe eight fighting against some of the Roman news the wealth of experience in this a situation edge with the safest bet I do. I think romantic sue. Nowhere near shot. Warhol Neuheisel maybe forty fives either. Pretty good meal. I think I think might be too soon right. Let's move on apart from promoting is bumper..

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