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You won't a mike twelve of the team were shooting mike twelve and fifteen were shooting a cop so neighbor shot mike there are dirty copsey cobb sir not god's representatives on earth there are dirty cops of course there are they're not they're not perfect human beings but is extremely rare for any coptic mid violence against anybody every rare and police shootings are way down but police getting shot or way up you are not facts now what what there were prominent people like you do recall during i'm not protecting way met my what what if i said that makes you think i protect a dirty cop i really having ramp shooting near whom dry he won i'm doing it trouble but now wanna we're quarter buoyed shower green apparently luke kuhn in trouble when fouled out out and vag group of the truck or beaten into krahn chow mike in cincinnati the local prosecutor a friend of mine joe dealers indicted for murder you see cobb university of cincinnati cop ray tensing indicted him for murder and has put him on trial twice what do you want the prosecutor to do on the you know our you know what are you wonder why our way you get out of it or will prosecute way meant mike see you blame him for charging him with murder when you think it was murder is shouldn't but mike reckless homicide is a lesser included offence of murder the jury should have had the option of convicting of reckless homicide but how can you blame the system growing the prosecutor charged with murder what else you wanna do kid van jr i went to like he is charged with that it's a lesser included offensive murder it is it is lesser included meanwhile in order to to join where somebody was running away map committed a crime was shot down and came out in people we cannot crap or who who who was running away and was shot on rental runaway will come back that was water davis and that cop they went to a hung jury eleven to one but then michael slay the officer pled guilty to conspiracy to commit murder he pled guilty and he's facing life imprisonment is out okay with you i'm not cianci rifkind running back hi i'm telling you i'm telling michael slater goal killed that man water davis and he should go to prison i'm not defending.

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