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Eight five five two one two four CBS is the number to get on the bench right Carl is leading the ravens big win tonight in their preseason opener the time city they roll at home it was embarrassing the numbers that they were able to put up the last time I checked it was what was it like twenty six to nothing or something like that twenty nine nothing was the final and it got ugly Rick was at the game how you doing Frank it's been a minute I'm doing alright we had to have you back and Jacksonville is not ready for the NFL date that they ought to be relegated Zane yeah they look sleepy that it shows not to play football so I guess folks for different folks some teams are playing their number one for a little while since he's not Jacksonville I don't think you're playing a number five or six is the latest route yeah I have no reason in the world to play Nick Foles in a preseason game on the road in Baltimore it serves no purpose except for him to get injured that's exactly what would happen and while we're talking her pretty they still have a pretty good yeah no doubt about I am surprised that you know I guess it was the end of the road for T. sizzle Mister sobs moves on I was surprised at that we're talking about it the other night so I know you lost your dear friend Nick bionic Connie you know let me let me just tell you first no when I was growing up you notice would be five was my my hero he lives in what the undefeated the Superbowl yes that's a hundred I came back ready to do for certain services into one that note he runs a software engineer only do it was to get a sports authority done that we had a governor Bob Graham said we're gonna put it through the legislature put away your four to get done I was at a commercial law firm in Miami Florida a lot of the humor this nonsense at all all help yell steak you're gonna pay your salary is basically is cheap any introduced me to neck we had it all off and he was my legal mentor and it was incredible is business understanding you know adware toughness that inner compassion as well yeah ironically last few years of life is his son was was a paralyzed sermon was was almost healthier than he was he tackled everything with incredible incredible desire and a trip to the time that that meant a lot and any donated his brain to the study of C. D. as well which he was given back I thought that was cool your press conference in Boston I did I was lucky that there too soon you broke down it was a very very hard working and who is not able to communicate and went back to Boston you know a shadow only once was but it was really really important for him to donate a screen for CT and I know you're in Miami so are there a lot of which you might be for yourself and those at a camp on Monday with the matter what tributes there are from the planet it is not about yeah for sure he said absolute icon in Miami and South Florida all together and all of those dolphins are you know that from that era and that seventy two team even unbelievable heroes down there the hall of fame had their induction eight new as in Chinese what you think of that event you know you know you still talk they greeted both of them I walked in white on a bowl and obviously you know next year I think they're both going to court that's part of the twenty twenty celebration the big debate about whether these guys deserved it but the more the merrier specially since their hold on a level of guys it will never make it but for that twenty so great hall of fame this next year can't wait to see the hundred year so the red car with us our sports business and legal insider on events and see as much radio the cost of attending an NFL game is skyrocketed they did a study at cal Berkeley what they come up with they said you better be prepared to spend some money so they're not that he thought that appear at the fourteenth the ticket you know the price for one person number five most expensive so what at the hundred what buckskin revised that field and Soldier Field despite very world you know pioneered standing room only first Margaret spent close they are to our box in the team had won a playoff game in a long time critical pretty active here and the NFL games are getting even more expensive let's just hope with a couple of years yeah nine regular season games and one preseason in your ticket package not to tell me about Tyler Blevins otherwise known as ninja he left waits for mixer the Microsoft platform and he started off by doing a huge gig at Lollapalooza in Chicago yeah you know five years ago if I read this secret would say that's not works once the nineteen sixteen deal it has not which you're probably aware he mixer lunch with Microsoft reported ten million monthly users last year management company says this is overwhelming it's impossible not to believe it seemed interested to see you dollar signs in the mixer fourteen million followers on twitch that's not enough and so these guys get more and more celebrity sex so tell me about the Brooks capped a smiling all the way to the bank he's certainly making tons of money I was looking at today on the top of the leader board I don't see him up there for the a van at liberty national here in New York no but it's early you look from a million seven paycheck for Memphis he gets five hundred fifty six points he gets this Sir consistent city he with a on another million boxes that that's another two million dollars for a challenge in Bali including his own course your smudged they're going to be here four time major winner he's consistent he's gonna last got to work out see and so you know he'd doctor Johnson are best friends are they inspire each other to have more muscles with next guy if you have a great time so what's kept going to win multiple majors over the next couple of years recalling his at tell me about the bill being introduced to Congress about you know protecting athletes empowering Olympic an amateur athletes active twenty nine game with all that's gone on with Larry Nasser at cetera yeah greasy athlete representation on the board and other NPC awards five twenty to thirty three percent legally responsible for not reporting sexual abuse for failing to take measures to prevent it it would be a legal issue and the measure co sponsored by senator Blumenthal of Connecticut and injure Maranda chances of seismic cultural shift with all of your stuff and so you think the background zero Michigan state but three point one million dollars per year to states for the day with that organization they're going to increase but it's twenty million long overdue so I tell me about the one with the you know Paralympic committee and USA gymnastics they had another doctor abusing athletes yeah they did and they keep doing that but the bottom line when you try to figure out how to stop despite only by regulation so this act whether it's just for mainstream Paralympic or not you're trying to make sure that this is a standard they can be enforced in court and then everybody really worst attitude because if you have to report something and you don't and that's criminal it's an entirely new behavior let's get back to the clippers building a new arena what's going on with that a billion dollar Shangri la yeah well you know why the phone number is the richest owner of all major league pro sports franchises you know you can feel it so the million dollar billion dollar if somebody will include the Inglewood basketball entertainment center three dimensional over or design I don't know what they're going to have entertainment media a lot of other stuff they have economic impact it says you generate dollars like a hundred and thirty dollars a few tax revenue for school libraries emergency services and all that plus it's their own separate identity so smart he yeah but it's the farmer says you're gonna put his money in it you your take it to the bank and it's on the clip from the Lakers and staples center I worry that the disputed towns so there's Steelers are gonna lose our minds craft Hines is going to get out of that naming deal for the stadium for the Steelers after the twenty twenty one season so in three years it won't be Heinz field anymore well probably not I mean every chance that then you can imagine remember Kraft Foods group and cracked Connie merged in two thousand fifteen book headquarters to Chicago in the queue and I was involved in your you know if you're pressed for time you know that it was a a deal that was signed by highs and they thought they would get cute it was two point eight five million dollars per year over twenty years you know their works out to be fifty seven million why did they do that fifty seven flavors how does he look yet with the new deals that are done like like the financials extension four hundred sixty seven million that's twelve million a year a few is fine but I think we'll go here in Philly over three million a year in here any day power sports Kevin Durant's parting gift in the bay area what is in the he it was something to do with playgrounds and everything yeah well playgrounds it's an engine to school use also do want something that is something I don't in DC what the idea the idea it is he's a part partnering with the San Francisco recreation park district alone with a local artist current workers to leave a legacy behind he's also doing so what we said we in Washington and he's obviously gonna do some stuff that Brooklyn so as he heals and if he gets a Max contract in Brooklyn kudos to him for doing stuff in once you get into a circus that top tech story that kid tile gears start winning three million plans for tonight eight here's the deal member would read which was just a kid and his dad with the football it left him with you barely throw right right right anybody that has a young kid yeah you know under the age of one put the iPhone in his hand use the buttons I don't care if the kids is that it's not an attache you care regarding your like this guy that's the future I'm telling you what I read get home safe from Baltimore thanks for coming on the bench tonight this week I love it Rick Caro supporting kids getting fat and not doing anything to get in shape or exercise or play sports he said to play video games and play with your phone and make millions I love that encouraging others to stay.

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