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I don't even know if I'm blaming Collet in on this, By the way, is it call it inter college? Because I hear both. That's another thing. I think it's model. Look at me. I look good. Don't they? Look at you like my voice? Hey, we got a coach. You know Crawford's there with the needle like a Hey, How about a plan? You like my juice? I like you. Look at my watch doesn't look sharp is the best looking coach in the law. These horrible tests look sharp on the bed. I want my coach look like horrible, testy or well, I don't want a model that someone is going to coach the team eight boys, but, like, really, like my flavor, the gun looked at me. So here's the problem while you've been busy in recent years trading terror table terror Because you had to unload the pickle contract. You got yourself in trouble with the pickle contract about the seat and then in order and then in order to trade him. You have to dump table Teravainen who just helped you was coming off a season, where he played well against Tampa in the final that year and help you win your tray, A 21 year old. What was table at the time. 22 21 22 21 22, a playmaking with a silky silky handed playmaker. And you make a deal like that. You trade a 19 year old defenseman for Alex Neal and who's a healthy scratch? But you want to know why he was a healthy scratch. Because he doesn't have the gumption as your co word for you. He doesn't have the gumption to play in big games In this league. Everybody was raving about Alex Knee Lander and the look at Alex knew enter at summer camp at Johnny's West. You know what the difference is. It's Johnny's West. Or whatever the hell they're not playing at Johnny's Western Excuse me at their own ring, and before the financial where nobody gets the lay a hand on him the minute the game gets riel. Alex Knee Lander goes in his shell, and you can't dress him. In an elimination game and John Quinn Ville top line is playing on your top line. You want to know what the problem with the Hawks are, and you know your can. I'll continue to talk about this. And this is one thing you're gonna do not see eye to eye on him in York's been saying it for a while. They need to break it up. Don't become too trite Move on. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Tapes can still Frickin play. Fix the team around them. And when you're trading the tables in the world, and when you probably made an overreaction, even though I was onboard with it doesn't matter what I think. I'm not the GM. Even though they probably overreacted three years ago when they traded Panera, you're trading table terrified and you're trading Jochi. How are you for a guy that can't dress When you're seasons on the line. It's a joke. And I don't want to hear about trading tapes and Kane. I want somebody in there that can fix this team and still try to capitalize once or twice. Maybe even give us a deep run. For crying out loud. You still have tapes and Cain. The decision that needs to be made is on your goaltender. I don't care how good he is, Then that's another whole thing. It right. I'm not wasting money on a goaltender right now because the teams that good enough to win That's a hole in the pandemic. I don't know how much would you want to spend money on all those things? I said this morning to captain, it starts there because if you tell him the goaltender is I can tell you, the director of the team. Just good young parts of this club, But I just need to know if it's Crawford. That still means that the team is in transition. Okay? What he did in this Vegas Siri's. You still need to be able to have someone that's going to be your guy in goal for the next five years around the young parts. If it's Crawford, it still tells me it's transition. Cauldrons. The coaches still means this transition from a That's a whole transition when you still have these guys too. I mean, at some point you're close, right? We're going to wake up at some point They're going to be 35. They're not gonna be in. There's not going to be traded any work, and then you're not exactly getting nothing. And then and then you really have got nothing. So I can't buy. Oh, I can't get on board. I guess you would like transition years at this point mean but but you gotta tell me who the GM is that I don't question I just I just don't know what the direction is until I know what the front offices including the top, Danny works doesn't want the job, right. He's going back to the words corporation. He'll keep his hand in it, but they're going to hire a president who will then hire Ah, President of Hockey operations. Hello, Eddie. Old check. And then they could figure out what they're going to do from there. Did you just float a name? Well, that's been out there. I'm just putting it this way. If I owned the Chicago Blackhawks, I would hire a president of hockey operations and his name would be Edward. Walter. I don't disagree. I could get on. What I would do. And they might do that They might They be smart if they did, and then he can figure out who you work with. Stan does. He replaced it? Let him make those decisions. But when you look back, karma made a great point. When you were forced to have to put a table in the deal to get them to take the 16 million Bryan Bickell, and then you sign Seabrook Toe a horrific contract, wonderful guy and had a great career. All of a sudden. Now you gotta trade Pooneryn, because, Oh, God, we can't keep him how we're going to get the pay him and then we gotta trade Nicholas Johnson for Connor Murphy, which is a loss. Alex Knee lander along laddie. There's another, although that I think's on the coach. That was more on Quinn Village, old John. Watching him bring the puck up the ice yesterday for the Islanders, and I'm like, How is that guy? Not on our team. It's been these are the like These are the results. Now three. You know what would have been three straight years without being in the playoffs. Let's face that this was kind of weird and flukey. But okay, But you haven't won a playoff series now since 2015 and the Times were great, and we will always be appreciative. And it was a little It was a dynasty. I don't care what anybody says to do that in the salary cap era and hockey tto win three like that, in a span of six seasons is phenomenal. Now. You haven't won a playoff series since then. You know you You went the distance the next year when the blues you lost in that game seven in overtime, But you know, you've got nothing to show for still having a couple of Hall of Fame players, and it's these It's It's all of these issues that we've talked about..

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