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Rocky's looking to make it four in a row on this opening trip of the year, and they had their big guy Airman Mark is on the mound, facing hard throwing right hander. Frankie Montas for Bob Melvin's Athletics, the Rockies were able to put something together in inning number two. They got a couple of walks around a base it by Ryan McMahon, and with one out, Tony Walters took his first hacks at Montas. Another breaking ball letters drives it too. Right going back is the right fielder. Piscotty can't make the catch at the wall. Murphy will score on his way home is Nope. McMahon had to hold it third, so the game is tied on an extremely long fly ball single to right field from Tony Walters. Yeah, for Ryan McMann on that play. If you're just joining us, Piscotty leapt at the wall and hit the wall. Then it hit the back of his head, and McMahon couldn't tell whether he'd been caught or not as a dropped righted Piscotty his feet and he got it back in, and Iraqis ended up in that inning, settling for just the one run. Herrmann Marquez, who lost the season opener. One to nothing, despite pitching well was solid again this afternoon. Payoff pitch again. Fastball call Strike three and Murphy doesn't like it at all. But he's rung up third strikeout for Marcus, playing in a miss another strikeout for Airman Marquez as he came back and got Simeon on a pitch to the outer half going to swing and a miss and Airman Marcus strikes out the side. In the bottom of the third masterful job by the Rockies right hander. Rocky's would take the lead in the fourth inning on a Garret Hampson sacrifice fly, then in the bottom of the fourth and in kind of a weird situation, but it worked out for the Rockies, a two out double by Robbie Grossman. What mad ALS and at third base and with Piscotty at the plate. This happened Oh to pitch swing and a grounder left side handled by our Renato throws to the plate and the tag is put on and Madison is cut down there and the Rockies get the final out of the inning at the plate. Nolan may have lost track of the number of outside tapped his chest as he goes to the dugout. Nonetheless, it was hard hit and he comes home and the side is retired with no damage done, and before we Send it to break Let's do we might get a replay here as Walter's came over to tag Olson, who was trying to get that right footing, we're going to get the ruling and it is upheld. Upheld. Indeed it was close. Actually, the official call is it stands meaning the review committee couldn't positively determined that the place should be overturned. So it stands. And in a weird way, the Rockies maintain that 2 to 1 lead, they would expand their advantage in the eighth inning. Trevor Story would open the frame against Tae Soo's Lazard. Oh, good looking Young, left handed pitcher for Oakland. He then would face Mr Lazard. Oh, Ah, Left hander The veteran hitter Charlie Blackmon, 32 is slashed to left field on the run. Fair ball is Grossman asked to chase it into the corner has a little trouble playing it and they're going to send story. He'll get to the dish without a throw. Charlie Blackmon with an opposite field double and the Iraqis take a 3 to 1 lead. Well, then things got really interesting. The Rockies had six innings from Airman Marquez. The seventh went to Carlos Estevez in the eighth inning. It Wass Cairo Dia's is turned. Hi Ro would give up a base it and then walk the next batter. He struck out the three hole hitter Mad Chapman. And got Matt Olsen to ground out as the runners moved to second and third. He then would hit Mark Canha with a pitch. And now he had to face Robbie Grossman to try and get out of the inning. Tia's the 02 check swing. Did he go? He did Strike three on Grossman and the A's Leave them loaded. Oh, hi, Ro Diaz works out of a jam again. We go to the ninth. We go to the ninth with a score of 3 to 1. That was the last of 11 strikeouts by Rocky's pitching today, and they have dropped their T me already granted. It's only five games into the season folks but a 1.84 Team E. R a for group that had the highest team E. R. A in the National League in 2019 in the ninth inning. Rocky's looking Four. An advantage got a base hit. In the Meaning from Garrett Hampson to start he was advanced to second on a sacrifice bunt. After David Dole made it out. So third base when Hampson On an infield. Excuse me on. He went to third on the out. Bye, doll. Then forever story was intentionally walked. So there were runners at first and third, Trevor would steal second base. And as Charlie Blackmon faced the Rookie Luzardo rather unusual play happened 32 Pitch up the middle knocked down by Luzardo picks it up. Lob Throat a first, not in time and.

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