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Of the nearside balance with the ball is they start their rotation palace. Looking for the opening Alexa, go to the top spot back to drive and splitting save and holds it right at the line. Paul snuck between Vinci's legs, but he fell on it when he sat down at buffalo. Tried to reset the ball little too quickly. Bob carried out of buffalo zone by men or check that Nick we who comes across the line of Toronto. It'll kill do affect for buffalo here in the second. Quarter score is tied at three twelve. Oh, four remaining twirling Jordan back into the Troncoso to the bar side. Hangs onto the ball powers. His way front. Low drive goes wide with four seconds left on the shot clock. But Excellent Can penalty kill Steve. Yeah. They're able to use the full thirty second shot clock. They're endorsing almost gets a shot. I goal when that happens who knows you can get a reset and kill thirty more didn't happen there. But a good possession for buffalo. One minute left in Gilroy penalty here in the second quarter score is tied at three Toronto sets up the power play from the top of the slot as challen Rodgers now back over to Jones farside pass Rogers has it back. Jones works with him takes the Saudi scores. Just nips the nearside goaltender magnets. And that's what they're worried about Jones being back in the lineup. Wicked shot Toronto's first to the game here too for three of the power play. Now, it seems like the defense wanted to take the shot. From Jaylen Rogers, which makes sense the two defenders up top kind of closing the middle frontal and Rogers, and he keeps kicking it left and right left, and right and finally kicks it to his right? And Adam Jones finds enough room to beat that Vince low and the rock and the lead four three with that power play goal. Jones. A pretty good night on his return now is quite of this game. But his first goal. Obligate his twenty first of the season. I bowl. Should sitting five games the lower body injury and bit very effective tonight for the rock as they welcomed him back crucial gave tonight for the buffalo bandits. There's wealth of three record wanna finish out the season on a strong note of one their object objective getting a whole way up game round number one and then finishing out the season with home field advantage throughout your come the rock on the hawk four three scorcher on Schreiber with the ball digging. His way close to the right side of bits. Good defense by Nick weeks, along with Bryce weeding hanging onto the ball with five seconds left. Oh, man. O'connor took that ball right into his gut in front of Matt bits, the great save by Ethan O'Connor took the right in the caress. Some real good real good defenses. You mentioned John sliding through those picks Riber had a little bit of room Nick with a quick slide. Nick, we saw the quick slide is able to get over the top there and keep taking away space from Schreiber speaking, a little room Dade Smith to scooting, right? In getting a shot away. Close range of Nick rose, but hit the goal post panics with the ball again shot straight on locked into traffic. Rebound picked up by clue j with a shot. Bet dribbles in front. Ball is cleared back down into the far Toronto quarter ten fifteen remaining quarter number two four three Toronto. They've got the ball out of their own zone. It's cleared back out to midfield. Straighten. Read comes in over the line four Toronto. They've got the beer side in order to do a quick change which they're doing right now. Matt Sawyer the head coach of Toronto getting his offense out there led by Dan, Craig the line of the Parsi Jones doing some picking for Craig now the role for jobs, but the ball goes to the far side over to Schreiber Schreiber now to Jones Joe's looking good defense by steep ryava keeping jobs at bay two seconds left on the shot clock straight on get one of the bandit players and the clock stops with nine minutes and thirty nine seconds left to play quarter. Number two, Toronto four buffalo three tonight from the Scotia Bank arena in Toronto on W GR sports radio five fifty wherever you go. Ever you go for energy on the go. It's got to be our energy it works fast. It works long..

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