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To jump in here. Toxins only have one one piece of advice for gordon. You know synced turning the old age of forty four for the fifth time. I have a piece of advice. Gordon and is never ever trust fart at your age at your age with all due respect. Sir never trust the fart and don't waste a boehner do not waste boehner sir. Whatever you do those your solo man. Don't we don't trust the part. Those are great words. sports live lie. I'm telling you and this is coming from someone. That's older than you gordon. Do not from what. I'm hearing from what i don't trust afar and james buster volunteering to help me. Never waste about her. Yes he is no. That's not what you're hearing aid. That is not what you're hearing. He's going to help you with that. You've been look even if your aunt. Nancy pelosi comes over strips. Down buck naked says. Hey get his son. I know you're going to boehner. I know you're going to bone up. Don't waste shipman don't wasted. Yeah nancy this pro. It back bro. Way back but i got back so glad. I came onto night debate. Where where else can you. Hey gordon can you get roasted in have so much fun all at once valid point but i'm wanted dugout. Thank you guys. i'll see you tomorrow night. there will be no rusting roasting of gordon. So we'll we love you. We love you gordon. But we just wanna make sure you make it past. You're burning it is yes. The nursing home nursing the guys are making good lord the wifely down warm. You're give you some more milk and you'll be okay you and don't take the bedpan too far away from your side when they change your catheter if you do spring a boehner doorways that so that means he immediately called james james immediately. You only got minutes okay. The less minute you have okay. Well that was fun on air force one so now back to good. Data's continue our rick. Kay throughout time. We have had a great amount. A great amount religion a great amount of everything from post to superstitions to whatever you wanna call it a one thing they all have in common is this is they have a certain reason why we have spells why we have hexa curses. It can be for good. It can be bad and it can be for anything that you want it to be. It's that powerful guys. I know james knows what i'm talking about when we talk about the new year from down in louisiana and you've heard about and give us a little insight on that would you james. Well i'll tell you it's it's not as prominent down there now as it used to be back in the day back in the eighteen hundreds nowadays. It's more hidden. It's it's it's pushed out of the mainstream Video is something that came out a out of haiti in There's a lot a lot lot of crazy things that goes along with this stuff in. It's dark it's dark thing. It's it's a light thing it's different elements of blue in. It's not something that's really advertised down there. So where. I'm from originally sixty miles south of new orleans. So i'm way way down south right Takes me about fifty. Fifty minutes New orleans in But you know. I'm from way down south like as far the asshole of a you can get okay and You really don't hear a lot about voodoo down there. You really don't. I mean you know it growing up. You know it's there but you don't hear a lot about it until you start digging and start looking into Places that used to be a boudou hoods and things like that but in reality grown up. We really didn't come across that a whole lot even though it is there I've investigated houses before where they have imported Relics from hey dj haitian relics and things like that voodoo relics and stuff like that and For me to see it in person in texas in this place that i investigated not long ago and to see it in person i was like oh i knew immediately. What the hell that was like. Uh oh yeah. And i know what time this is. This is all about. And i wouldn't touch it. I wouldn't put my finger on it and the people that own the place for like if you pick airflow blah blah blah. I'm like Negative home slice. I am not such a net shit because it had real hair on it it. Was you know there there were there. Were things involved. And i'm like i know exactly what yeah like real shit and they were like. Yeah well this is from the seventeen hundreds and eighteen hundreds and i'm looking at it like wow this. This person's hair is literally like a hundred and fifty years old. And i'm not touching. That ain't no way. Because i don't wanna hear to land up in my sleeve and then Come that house. And i've got some weird frigging. Do queen hairs now. Just not doing it. Lie aborted that shit like herpes. You know so but either way the voodoo stuff down there israel. it is. Don't don't get me wrong. It is a real deal Our grandparents like danielle said talked about it and It was discussed But it was such taboo thing that we just didn't dive in depth with the stuff. I mean it's really strange. It's it's it's bizarre. It really ain't they're rested Did you ever meet any practitioners or anything like that. That might have been a part of the religion. No i haven't And it's probably because of our upbringing that you know you want to stay away from that kinda shit so like i just. I didn't reach out to anyone. And and maybe. I'm rick might have a really might have But i don't know these people. Are they practicing in silence. If you know what. I mean they don't. This is not something that's advertised at all. I i've been murray morello's house voodoo of been there. I've seen. I've seen all the stuff in maria lebow's place and it's it's interesting it really is but i mean as far as like practicing voodoo or weaken down in new orleans in the heart of new ones men the further. You go i will tell you this. The further you go into new orleans. The darker gets it's really really dark. Street lights are. I'm saying because you.

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