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Um, whatever you think about nude, I don't care. But I do think that he knows. What's going on in Congress and what could pass and what cannot, he said. This isn't going to get through and I'm going. All this other stuff has gotten through. I mean, we had We had a stimulus check for the two of them last year. Now we've had Who of them this year, and there's another one that they're proposing tonight. Yeah, The first round was the cares Act. I wish I had a date on these things. Second one was the Consolidated Appropriations Act. First one cares was $1200 per adult. Second was $600 per adult. Third round the American rescue plan $1400 per adult. Then there's that's all first ground stuff. And then this second round of stimulus checks and it just it just keeps going. I've never seen it like this phone numbers. 855295 66, 100 Stacy and Iowa. Hello, Stacey. Mm. Hi. Uh, only thing I got to say about, you know, community, college and stuff. Most of them are given out so many scholarships that you can get through your first two years without even hardly paying anything. Yeah, in my hometown and then my son Graduates senior and University of Iowa. He's getting there without any debt because we scrimp and save and pay, and he works Summers and pays his room aboard White and then some scholarships. Yeah, There was. There was a great There was a There was a great bit on Saturday night Live. Yeah, they did a thing about Actually they somebody came along and whether one or two Uh, Teach them how to save money. And they were aghast about what you have to save. How do you save? I don't know anything about that. So for the fact that you saved Congratulations. You're in the minority. Good for you saved and paid as we went. And he did a lot in the summer working full time job for, you know and saving, and then he paid his room and board all year. But some of his tuition he pays university, Iowa comes out for low income students whose parents didn't want to get off the couch and go get a job. So he's already Yeah. And someone else? Yes. Yeah. And For people who think that that is some sort of slight. I love these stories. There was one last year where some immigrant from louse Many years ago, ran from Comeere Ruse or one of those groups over there came to America. Had five daughters. I don't think the guy ever had a job that paid about the minimum wage that was about it, and he saved his money and spent was able to pay tuition for all five daughters that went to college. You can do it if you if that's your priority, But why would you prioritize it if you know that the government's going to pay for it? Let somebody else do it. Exactly. That's worth the government's where we are. We are The government ain't paying. Yeah, I are. So they're just going to take more money out of our target for someone else that Didn't care about their kids. Well, that's what this whole speech tonight is about is we need to get all this money for the families for the schools for the pre K for Health insurance premiums. All this stuff that you and I pay for And he's basically saying to America we need this money and we're going to get it from the rich people. So don't you worry, and we'll provide all these benefits. Hi. So he's willing to pay his own money. I don't know what he's wanting to know. No, He's not. He's in that top person. It got to be, Yeah. No, that doesn't apply to him. I'm sure there's a language in there on it. Yeah, well, I'll tell you what money out of it what he pays for Twister. Support someone else. I'll tell you, Stacey, your your your son is going to Have many dividends from watching you. Scrimped and saved to pay for his education and for him having to go to work the during the summers to get jobs to pay for it as well. That is a life lesson that will be a dividend for the rest of his life. He will know. What it takes. So that's an education all in itself. Anyway. Congratulations to your son and to you. For doing it the right way. I appreciate it. Dan in Springfield, Illinois. Hello, Dan. Hey, Don, How's it going? It's going. What do you think of the day? Well, you know, I'm thinking that's our our national. Our debt has grown like baseball's players. Salaries have over the last 30 years. Yeah. Remember when a baseball player you know when they made a million dollars you thought Wow. How can anybody pay a million dollars? The baseball player? Now they're making $300 million contract stuff like that. On the debt. You know what people don't talk about is the interest that we pay on that money. Well, I'll take what I checked The pie chart on the pie chart that we get. You know, you could find on the on the Internet. I make something like 70% of all the tax dollars brought in with just to pay the interest. On our loan. That money. We borrow that money that everybody comes from that money just not fabricated by the Treasury. We have to cover that money with taxpayer's dollars. So, but nobody but but say what they've been saying that for ever that you know what somebody's going to pay for this some day And yet nobody.

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