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Thirty nine years old going strong. Hey you know what somebody said. And this is a woman said age is just a number is unlisted. But i don't mind saying. I just turned seventy proud of. It never heard that second. I never heard that second part. Mind is listed. I've always heard that h was just the number. I'm gonna have to remember that second not pull the to me. I'll have to use that. Yeah you will definitely a very young seventy at that. Oh i feel. I'm telling you. Every day i celebrate you know. Do my exercises and just accept the graciousness of being the vessel for this music and the great shift snus of being able to touch. Great folks like yourself. You bob you angela. You ray work in the engineering staff and everybody else listening and to let you know anytime you hear a word chaka. In my language it needs joyous been used in that sincerely seven. Do you put the lights. Do you put the boom in front of it. Boom shot you well. Let me tell you folks to usually use shock alaka. They'll you do the boom but because mine is like chocolate with c. h. takenaka. I don't use it with the boom. Somebody make put it there. But that's fine but no strictly shock locker room and you know reminds you of chocolate like i say. Did you make that up. Well i believe. I did. But i believe i got it from the first summer shock was from larry justice. The old dj. Who used to be on. I think it was w amex way back in in in boston. I vaguely remember larry. Yet in the sixties and we used to have waited you remember the station. Wbz in yes. There was a gentleman. Sam kopper and he came to perkins because we did a concert in sixty nine in the upper school. You couldn't be there because again. You're lower school well. That was so such a crowded thing. We set up the aunts and everything. It's rock and roll all. It was so resilient so much fine. Was it a fundraiser. You know what no actually it wasn't done fundraisers for perkins later but no. This is something for our class. Has you in seventy. We're getting ready to gradually but one of the players in the band was john baker who graduated that year but he came back to play with us. John baker was a great talks. Yes i've heard a lot about him. Well hey hey bob yes just to let you know they'll be quizzed with all these needs later. Oh test what. Do i get a free pizza by the way just an aside. My wife is a keith irvine fan. We were wondering if you knew keys personally. You know what. I don't but i love. I love his music. Just talk about a great guitarist. Slash singer and from australia for said you know. I never knew. He was from australia till recently because he sounded like from the south way. Saying i visit every. I'm like oh my gosh. yeah wow. That's incredible well. You know all these all these different folks. That i haven't met yet all the folks that i have met in workers working with somebody like james taylor. You never forget a just working with a great soul artist. Like bobby womack. Who was at fifteen working with. Sam cook he covered one of j gals assaults. Who bobby yup sure. I'm looking for eleven. What ashley no. No no. no no. No that wasn't a jake. That was bobby song. J. handed out three years before bobby. No no no. No no bobby. In his group the valentino's handed out in the sixties j. gals headed out later. Because i remember getting a lot of airtime at seventy four ya. Yeah by bobby. Womack he did it with his brothers valentino's then he did his own version. I think it was in seventy one or seventy two. Ooh i do. I do a lot of research for songs. Back in the sixties way before it was popular we try to figure out not just did the song but who had the publishing on it and it was kinda dicey trying to find out that kinds. Yes but i love. I love that experienced. I still listen to sixty six on sirius. Xm but i listened to a lot of stations i went. I'm not writing writing. Well thank you for that information. I've learned something today about that song. I really thought jay gyles was the originator of it though londono that it was bobby bobek. Yeah it was is and you know. It's so funny. Because bobby was struggling in the early sixties and it was wilson pickett from you know a a midnight. I'm gonna wait till the midnight. Hour wilson pickett. Who suggested to a couple of his record folk. You need to give this guy deal. And so wilson ended up doing a coupla. Bobby's twos you know if called helping each other. And that's what i love is to hear about someone who tried to lift someone you know. It's like ray signing me. He said you know. I never heard about you. But i'm at the kick some serious who because nobody told me about it. So let me see what i can do to help. And he was the one who got me into symphonies and other things have been doing a lot of things before. Mikey we talked about tower power like we said talking movies and television. I did a lot of movies and television including their song of mine in jug movie. Called love can build a bridge. I wrote a song called. We feel the love and they had that song in that. So you know you don't know what your songs are gonna go but way Can we find any of your songs of the aleady if you know by the aleady e. a. All yeah yeah. Yeah oh yes the. That's funny but yes. Why don't wanna activator. That's why i'm saying. No i understand but yes you can find lots of songs on there including song. I did with or for the united nations for the eradification of human trafficking. Please lord in our town. It's a song i wrote. Call be the change with your friend elaine. Macaluso at but it's it. Will you'll see. And i played all the instruments on it drums basis guitars. I sound like a rock band. Wow yeah i actually When when bob was telling me that you were going to be on the show this week. I actually went and did a I just asked my iphone. 'cause i apple music. Spotify enable that stuff. So i just said as serious shuffle. Ls hall and either.

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