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On the show today, so of course we're talking about him a crucial draft ahead of them. Someone here says the biggest question mark is someone they already have on their team and he just so happens to be their quarterback. We'll explain more on that later as we left them you into NFL live also the latest on Baker Mayfield situation coming your way in seconds, but you see him right there, keyshawn Johnson, Damien woody, Todd mcshay here with us Jeff Darlington will join us tons to get to guys. Let's begin with our top story and that would be Baker Mayfield. His appearance on the Y and K podcast has gained lots of attention. Is he still waits to find a landing spot in a path out of Cleveland, the options become slimmer by the day, the holding powder around the draft is a real thing. Here's some of the highlights of baker's revelations. I feel disrespected. A 100%. Because I was told one thing and they completed another. That's what I'm in the middle of right now. And you know what? Okay, I got my taste of it because I've had four different head coaches in four years, a bunch of different coordinators. I've had talk about the highs. They always come back. They always come back. But I had great times when my rookie year, like I didn't start in the beginning, I came in and got to have fun, the back half of the year, 2019 stuff, 2020 was great, made the playoffs. 2021 was miserable. It's like, yeah. I'm just looking for stabilization right now, and I know what I need to do for me to be the best version of me. And to be able to lead an organization. It Mayfield's career with the browns is over as expected. He will become just the third quarterback drafted first overall to last four or fewer seasons with his first NFL team. Over the last 50 years, the only other quarterbacks who fit that criteria JaMarcus Russell with the Raiders and Jeff George with the cult. So Todd, we start with you teams are honing in on quarterbacks right now with the draft around the corner. So what is baker's best opportunity? This is scary for Baker Mayfield Laura. I mean, it really is when you study the market and who's looking for quarterbacks, Carolina, we've talked about them in the draft of that number 6 pick. Atlanta, maybe at number 8, but more likely in the second round. Seattle two picks in the second round, or do they take one at 9? I don't even know that they want to go that route. They just signed a veteran, you've got drew lock coming in so you get drew lock and who you believe in if all indications and all the reports coming out of Seattle are true. And you've got to back up in Gino Smith. So beyond that Pittsburgh is the other team that we talk about in the first round. So Atlanta Carolina Detroit Pittsburgh and baker believes that he should come in as a starter. Tell me which situation that he could be hoisted into where he would automatically be the starter or have a really legitimate chance to be that starting quarterback. I would be frightened if I was Baker Mayfield right now and especially with Baker Mayfield's agent trying to find a landing spot for him. Yeah, the places are very limited as far as him being a starting quarterback. I don't think he has the fortitude to want to be a backup right now early in his career. He's had some mild success. Seattle is the best place for him. There's no question about it. I understand drew lock is there and Gino Smith just signed a one year deal. I'd better stack a dollar in a heartbeat that Baker Mayfield is better than both of those quarterbacks combined when healthy. He can do some things. Just think about the early stages of Russell Wilson, not middle aged Russell Wilson, not older veteran Super Bowl Russell Wilson, but I'm talking about early stages with a defense and a running game. You think about some of the offensive weapons that they have with DK Metcalf in the locket along with Noah fan that they just got in the trade with Russell Wilson. It makes all the sense in the world for him to pry himself away from the Cleveland Browns and beg the Seattle Seahawks to give him an opportunity in a chance. Yeah, listen, I'm gonna pick it back off of what he said. I think the Seattle Seahawks make a lot of sense for a lot of the points that Keith was talking about, but I think one aspect that we're not talking about and bringing up right now, which is crucial is the money that's owed to Baker Mayfield. We're talking about a guy who's guaranteed what 18 $19 million. You know, all the Seattle Seahawks are do they want to take on that type of money considering they're in a rebuild right now. So you got drew lock. You just signed re signed Gino Smith to be your backup quarterback. Are they going to want to take on that type of salary at the quarterback position if you're the Seattle Seahawks and you still have to pay DK Metcalf in the process? Right. This is why you get creative though Todd in woody. You get creative with Baker Mayfield and his contract situation. And I know you don't like to give money back and I said it yesterday and woody wanted to beat me up. I get it. You don't ever want to give money back. But you can get creative, all right? Let's just say hypothetically. He's at a $19 million number. He goes with Seattle. He tells them, I'll take a base salary of 10 million, however you get me there with a bunch of incentives that gets me back up to 18 million if I prove to you that I'm capable of IE, get you to the playoffs, win the division. There's a couple $1 million here there. And I'm betting on myself by doing that because $10 million in this marketplace nowadays for a top notch backup Todd. That's where he would fall in line, give it an opportunity to be distorted. But hey, hey, wait a second here. Dee wood, when key starts talking about giving his money back right there. You didn't like all that, did you? Because he knows this. He knows what he's talking about. Players giving back money. No, you're not giving back money. I mean, for a lot of, listen, I understand the reason what kids talking about is that you're trying to, if you're a baker made for you trying to get your ingratiate yourself to certain, you know, certain spots or whatever, but you know, we know this being former players, most guys, just not going to give back money that they know that they know they're coming their way. I get it, I get it, but I'm thinking big picture future. I'm not thinking it's small. Oh, I gotta put this in my I'm thinking prove to them so I can get this long-term deal in the grand scheme of things. I'm trying to get on right now. I'm desperate. I have nowhere to go. I need a landing spot. It's a crazy context when you put it that way. Hey, really fast. You said that you would bet a stack of dollars, the Baker Mayfield is the best quarterback in that Seattle room if he ends up there. Are we talking ones? Are we talking tens? Like, 20. I just said dollars. I didn't say anything about this. The baker. Is a small stack. All right. I'm still trying to get it all over the fact that keyshawn's talking about giving back money. Todd, it's never give back money to anyone. What happened to Keith? He's gotten soft in his older age. All right, let's welcome an ESPN in fighter Jeff Darlington here at Jeff. Take us through what else is happening in the NFL right now. There's a lot going on. Let's start with the Broncos. There is Laura, some legal semantics that we should discuss as it pertains to the Broncos and the potential sale of that team. The trustees of the pat Bolin estate and surviving members of the Edgar Kaiser junior state have reached a settlement that will bring the conclusion to their 38 year right of first refusal case. We don't need to go too far into the weeds on this, but what we can tell you is now the Broncos are free and clear to be sold at auction. So it shouldn't be long now before we finally know who the new owners will be of the Denver Broncos. Now the cults postings Stephon Gilmore on Wednesday and this is two years removed from when Gilmore was the NFL's defensive player of the year the first wave of free agency obviously has come and gum, Gilmore still on the open market. Obviously has a price tag for himself, similar to a guy like Tyrone Matthew, who simply doesn't just want to sign to sign. He'll take his time before making his decision. Sammy Watkins, on the other hand, will now be with the packers signing a one year deal up to $4 million. He lands with the packers to give them some much needed help at the wide receiver position, certainly not exactly devonta Adams, talent but walk in still very capable of being productive in the NFL. So now he'll do.

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