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Yeah I would you made everyone economic well that's right you said that okay econ major UCSD twenty seven years old okay well this is exciting you know taking the SAT is the first step if you have an interest in sales and then being a financial adviser is probably the purest expression of that because as a financial adviser we know probably what is little understood about that job is that he spend ninety percent your time on relationship management came ten percent of your time on the actual capital markets and that's one of the reasons why I didn't want to get into that line of work because I had more of an academic interest in the markets and wanted to spend more time doing that other jobs that have sales components in the securities industry I guess the other big one is to work at a bank in an institutional sales role you know so either you know cash sales and trading corporate bonds interest rates mortgages you know I mean the thing with the thing with working on the institutional side he is that side of the business is shrinking it's shrinking dramatically and yes these leads still do hire people and you know you econ major from UCSD is a pretty good resume it's it's competitive and it's also it's it's a bit of a bit of a buggy whip business you know I I think that I think that being above financial adviser especially you know if if you're looking to be a high net worth Facebook email being a financial adviser is a lot more challenging and a lot more interesting when you're dealing with people who have a lot of assets because they have their unique problems and you have to be pretty smart to help people with those problems I know a handful of people who deal with ultra high net worth people and it gets really really interesting JP Morgan is a good place to look at that U. B. S. also is a good place to look at that so yeah that would be my recommendation got.

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