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Today are already like a good luck with lorne lots hearsay from tony <hes>. Let's see <hes> what about eric bischoff. What do you think he was doing here year ninety nine thinking about how would <hes> steel talent a few years later we go checking all the boxes sif and motherfucker fake. They've been motherfucker. I mean right around this time. He's he cylinder starship in minnesota ninja star. She and i missed anybody. I don't think you've shit on jim cornell today. Oh fuck corny gotten you know because any fire back and oh yeah damn well. It'll be a it'll be twitter for fucking ever since few weeks ago. He had a legit fucking <hes> twitter meltdown. It was just firing off at everybody now. It's often me no usually just shits on you on the podcast. Okay okay here. We go the crowd. The crowd is really into this. This must be a way was talking about their hot for this by the way if you want to know of hogan's over just look around and all the fucking yellow and red. It's an every row. Y'all i think was going to overreact. I think he was doing all right there this point game name. I know that you hate talking about money but freestyle. What do you think you might ninety nine. Oh god i have no idea probably well all over ten million. I know five million but he made millions yeah. I'm sure he made millions wasn't finish finish lot of shit going on it would have been helping gospel together masters who would have been agents in this era. During this time you atp pat patterson jack lanza <hes> chief jay strongbow tony korea rene goulet pat. Who was it's like who is the go-to guy who was second command like if you need a hot finish go to this guy i would say lanza and strongbow <unk> but strongbow became very the warriors associate it would be <hes> it depend on what type of match it was really. I love this builds here. Of course we're seeing clip here from royal rumble nice any nine at the summit in houston and he's got this <hes> flex bar where they were doing like oppose often often ask choking out the ultimate warrior with it but first bobby heenan sprayed. What was it suntan. Lotions sounds oil that that <hes> rude rude was using the oil up between poses and here of course is what happened wrestlemania five bobby heenan trips and holds the leg he can't kick out also as a result ravishing rick rude wins the intercontinental championship that warrior be honky tonk man for at last year's summer slam but you've always had fallen telling the story about that royal rumble skit from nine to ninety nine or they're doing the pos off and bobby spraying ryan warrior and warrior doesn't even realize he's being sprayed doesn't get his eyes closed and his mouth open doesn't even realize that that's spot fought where he's getting blinded but every once in a while like this week we did you know as part of a prime time wrestling in angle was it okay this happened on prime time <hes> with rude attacking warrior and again as much as you know i liked liked to pick all warriors fars his is working ability or lack thereof <hes> ee could not deny the son of a bitch had charisma charisma personality that was over like rover <hes> and the audience loved him so his show billions of grace workers in the world. It really doesn't matter long as you got that charisma and by god. The people are eating it up. It's good shit and now we're starting starting the <hes> kind of cross program from rude who got warrior ready to andre why don't right you. I've told the uncle elmer andrei story avenue. I i don't know well uncle elmar yeah got got lost their little bit this vermoti how these women were picked from the crown again which is chosen at random a lot actually back in this day and time they were chosen chosen at random times by by people.

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