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Do radio says the four hours of radio especially four hours of radio that starts at six AM yeah you say things to and I just slip out sometimes your even noticing well I'm not even sure it happens the guys are are you trying to tonight we'll play book in second leave enough time for book it here at you guys tell me I called Damon Jones something besides his name was Jamie let me make you the GM of what jaman let me make you the GM Jamie let me make you the GM that is and I mean it's pretty damning it is jaman as you would know what I like it better when I was telling them it didn't happen and then you know and here's the thing well it's making the GM you're getting ready to talk about the GM you've got Damon on there so naturally those two things just kinda smashed together a little bit it's our you know what I understand in the afternoon you get up there you're all prepped your fresh as a daisy it's three o'clock eastern life is good I'm coming to you that is in the afternoon to write he screws up words left and right well see no you know what you know you're not exempt from this either now because I got beef with no no because we're getting ready to do all this and he's content to mock will right now because we'll screwed up a word in all this one we're getting ready to do book it there's only two of us here usually I hosted but we wanted a third voice in here right and some new does come with you okay and show you Jamie we're gonna get jaman on this now we thought about calling jaman back but instead I was like you know what let's get his voice on the talk to you guys all the time you know spent a bit the lights were too bright the morning show noodls afraid to come on here and do this with us and SO club is going to take up the mantle because apparently still is the only place making tough guys these days noodle got scared so I had to step up to the plate done real I don't know I mean to step it up let's go we are ready hi to give if I were you ready for this you know I was born ready for this all right let's go the saints will bring back all three of quarterbacks includes juries teddy Bridgewater and take some hill no not book in that no no no no no no sorry no I did it without any but what I do no Sir no no no no yeah no Sir no Hey that's a bill that's echo your no you'll see like if I what I'm saying is I almost involuntarily did a Stephen day sales I mean you guys it's been a lot of time together there's a little bit of rain season there I'm not gonna book this either which you can come back taste until drew Brees I think I really think they had the marriage to taste of hell I mean you've seen the love affair from the outside looking in so I'm not gonna book is either I'm with you on those two teddy Bridgewater start for someone next year okay Judy will be a future in Tom Brady will be a forty nine in action you want to book it and I tell you I so far well this is try to be right on these are so yeah I think it disposed to try no no no sorry no no yeah I know as much and bill Barnwell I think was trolling all of us when he threw this out in the universe on the E. S. P. N. daily the other day and then went on straining company did the same thing and you know what I can make it makes sense in my brain well that's the crazy part is I can say man if you were to swap those the patriots get back the guy in the bill Belichick wanted to build around in the future Tom Brady can be there for two years and you can go and draft a quarterback it would allow Kyle Shanahan a company who albeit got to pick Jimmy grapple in a way to go and search for a new guy to build around if they truly want sold came in we were just doing a whole segment on people don't walk away teams to walk away from even middle class quarterbacks in the NFL user to do something radical like trade two starters for each other would it not be the franchise with the young court young coach in the young GM will both have job security that that will be the place not now no Sir no I'm not gonna look at either okay no player trade before the deadline will have any major impact on the playoffs you want to book it book it okay we talk about a hundred dollars today I'm sure you would dial if you wear this is not gonna have a major impact I don't even mind here contenders and I don't know is gonna get bigger today who Marcus Morris to the clippers and they're already contender I see you look at some historical context here the Sixers traded from a tumble in one would go on to reach the finals the pistons got Rasheed Wallace went to the finals that season for the Lakers traded for Palca sol in two thousand eight went to the finals and the Knicks traded for Carmelo Anthony in two thousand eleven and will reach the playoffs for three straight years which is essentially winning an NBA championship for the New York Mets and the question is major impact on the playoffs right is on the fact that it would push you one round deeper than you would have made it without that tree and I don't think so because the Miami Heat if they're gonna go around deeper it's because of the guy already there in June book six is we'll have a new coach by the start of the post season are you going to book it I am gonna book that I do I think this is been building for a lot of reasons I will call in for anybody job we don't do that but David Jones said this is a coaching issue now he things Brett brown's gonna work it out I think this is been smoke as you put billowing out of the building for too long when it comes to the job of Brett brown she I don't want to book this but what's going to happen is the Sixers are gonna get to a point where they're going to ask themselves the question we're asking this morning is this do the problem and before they can get to an answer on that they're going to try to find out if the coach is the problem they're going to see if somebody else can make this do will make sense which only giving me to the start of the playoffs so this change to happen I book it you will find in there celebrating a hundred percent I would I would have ever gone three years ago so my god it was nice with the Yankees and Dodgers will not be the World Series match of next season you can book it so the Yankees and Dodgers they mean the two odds on favorites by a country mile right after the movie back straight that brought him over to the Dodgers from yesterday I'm gonna say no just because of the I'm sorry no not gonna booking this is Justin how baseball works like we'll see one of these teams I firmly believe is going to win it all they're that good we see more of that lately but baseball's to randomize especially when you get to the postseason too much can happen the Yankees are seven to ten oh yeah I am booking is art and and the Dodgers are for one it is on the we said this yesterday some of the best odds in fifteen years some of the most certain outcomes we've seen in a long time for the Yankees and Dodgers makes World Series with a mad what's amazing is a seven game series playoff format would be the kind of gives you certainty that tells you the best team will win it happens in the NBA that wins in a much easier lead to predict but I am going to book it like you random this happens more in baseball they just don't what does even at seven zero game format it's like hockey it's the nature of the sport you can have one player so affect the outcome of the sport await a hot picture a hot goaltender something like that that that completely to me throws off the season long trends which is insane for support the plays that many games and real quick Mookie Betts will not get a four hundred million dollar contract look it in a book and this is getting paid yeah I know sorry guys you I mean we just had Jeff passing in here yesterday who said he was the best red Sox since Ted Williams for god sakes like that was a real thing that came out of his mouth that ninety seven that guy's twenty seven four hundred million because he's going to a team that we already said didn't need him to win a World Series Mike trout look is twenty seven years old to get to four million he's gonna need is gonna need a long long term contract he was trapped twelve years four hundred twenty six million dollars live in LA for twelve years sign me up any but I think that's gonna get as well for the book our last one real quick as well call David Jones jaman jaman let me make you GM Jamie let me make you the GM or no sorry no no no no we were going to waste time on this well I mean that's that's the one thing is will was defiant during the blessing don't play the sound bite before we book it next time you get a let me make you the GM make me commit first I was fully committed that did not happen no I can say you dug your heels and it was is that this was the first take debate desk you dug your heels and you're ready to go and then we come to drop them it's it happens man you blend words together you just mess up listen I my father son I've the fattest mouth on the planet happens all the time all right coming up the NBA trade deadline.

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