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Takes like seventeen seconds to see any messages it's such as the white screen what what's phone do you have james you have an iphone or samsung i also have an iphone i don't like any of these funds i think the phones i i'm i want to go back to the blackberry i'm sorry i don't i i honestly do not like the way the iphones working and i'm not get any iphone 10 because everyone i know who has it hates it do you do you find that people have the iphone ten don't really like the iphone yeah i haven't heard many very chris crazy about it chris got the google found he didn't even want the ice i'm sick of apple and and that means you're eye turns of messed up and had things don't but he likes to google found better than he likes the i think that he likes the iphone but then we're like we don't like any foe the phone i would just get rid of the found but i have to use it for my for my work but this phone on the way to get coffee this morning i looked down and it was just doing all sorts of things no matter what i did i couldn't i couldn't get it to stop going to different sites weird it's never happened to me before and it had this weird flickering thing on the top of the screen like it was like this weird it looked like it was something out of the shining or something of it was it was totally possessed and thinking okay the russians are in the fall in the russians are deep state lucky my life is boring but deep states all over this fall maybe they're looking at pictures of anti and jimmy that's about all they're going to yeah yeah they really do a full exercise of the phone or whatever we have to do but the thing isn't working by the way jeff sessions was having dinner with the rod rosenstein and all francisco's a solicitor general last night and this we only got word of it when i was already on the air and people thought it was like these show of.

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