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Wisconsin's radio station newsradio WTMJ Milwaukee from ABC news I'm Richard Cantu coronavirus fears for a second straight day of massive stock market losses the Dow lost almost nine hundred points the nasdaq was down two hundred fifty five even the broader S. and P. five hundred was a ninety seven point loser on Tuesday market strategist art Hogan at national securities some of that economic damage will be temporary needing we'll we'll have a pick up of some of that activity in the second quarter in the second half and some of that will be permanent the airline flights won't fly again in the month of January February restaurants will be college and recovery gap if he knows hotels so there's some demand and economic damage that's permanent some temporary Asian shares slid in Wednesday trading Bernie Sanders is praising the literacy program launched by Cuba's Castro got attention during Tuesday night's debate in Charleston South Carolina he tried explaining with ABC news political analyst Matthew Dowd says the escalation did not do enough to address the damage put a target on his back and that's why some Democrats have come out and criticize them he's made himself vulnerable in a general election when the Republicans if he wins the nomination when the Republicans and Donald Trump coming attack him I think it's an unforced error for him not to clean it up he didn't clean up is still saying the same thing south Carolina's primary is on Saturday in south Carolina's Sumpter county sheriff's deputies serving an eviction notice at a residence was shot and killed corporal Andrew Gillett dying despite wearing body armor the man inside the home was also killed authorities not saying exactly how thirty nine states will investigate joule labs as marketing and sales of vaping products to determine if despite protests to the contrary the company targeted under age smokers Connecticut Attorney General William Tong I think the best thing to do is respond fully forthrightly transparently and cooperate with the states also to be investigated Jules claims about the risks safety and effectiveness of its products as smoking cessation devices you're listening to ABC news seven seven CD into your teams and offer the annex wealth management studio this is was ready WTMJ response we offer both comfort service and expert service our comfort service comes with movie theater popcorn gourmet coffee upfront pricing on time scheduling posts anything else we can do to keep you.

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