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Competition is all right you guys go to WWAFL dot and vote. Wow well okay. This seems to be a landslide for Bethany. Bethany is watching the show all right. Let's keep this up because it's it's taking a minute and let's go to some calls caller it is Tricia from Las Vegas. Hey tricia what's your question. Listen hey my questions from badly I wanNA know. which celebrity do you think needs a fashion reset for twenty twenty more twenty to win Sh- who's a celebrity looks a mess? y'All tell me I don't know. I think I want to see everyone. WHO's young do that do it really? Well Taylor swift tonight looked a little matronly. Margot Robbie looked a little like hat. I find be young. It's not a Lotta time that you have left to show you the scene right. You should know that the GM all right Andrea from New York. Hey Andrea what's your question and looks like Bethany one that expired. Yeah I wanted to know what the house will be part of your bridal bridal party good one that's a great question. You know winning. I am not doing a small wedding. I don't think he's going to be super big but in terms of bridesmaids look a mind is like a big. I don't know I'm going to have rights meets on. Could you save your coins drama drama. Let's go to Alex from Long Island Day. Alex which question. Hey My questions debbie okay. What's The craziest thing you saw when you went to the mega last year all? Wow The craziest thing I saw. I went to make gain La. You know what honestly Andy I felt like the met gala just like like any other Hollywood party I've been to. I used to go to the met gala back in the day when it was really fashion people and now it's become just really celebrity driven is not about fashion anymore more and so I just felt like an Oscar party a Golden Globes worthy. It will feel like an Infield that special to me CY winter. Uh Burn up from Alabama. He very blessed. Hey Andy Hi bevy high An Mike.

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