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Yeah we got one episode to go now now. That tall figure in the house that floats yes who he is yet. Oh my god. He's great thing that creeps me out the scene when he was a little boy underneath the bed and he's turned eighteen. Just see the feet and they're just floating around. It was great i love. I'm like with the focus that thing. Oh and then he knew kerry. Oh yeah yeah pop to. She used to live there but he keeps seeing it. And it's when he's he's trying to get rid of the you know he's still on drugs and stuff like that but the thing like you'll see it and then It's turn is his back towards him right but it's it's always following them and you're like what the fuck it's just. Yeah so creepy. it's wild. Oh yeah oh yeah. I really can't say enough about the series. It just amazing it. Really the patent the neck lady. Oh yeah it's jacked up. it's good though. Yeah when he puts his hand in the fan. I'm like oh my yeah no. It's all right. And then they find a body down there. Yeah oh yeah so if our listeners. Haven't seen it. I probably don't understand what we're talking. We're really good. That show if you get a chance to watch it on netflix. It's the haunting of hill house. It's really really good. It's again after that. Who did harsh and oculus. Yeah so are you going to see manner that yeah i think and i want to check it out. I know you said it's a little bit more of a slower. Burn and not as you'll house but it's it's still the paranormal and all that and she loves all that kind of stuff so i think we will. Yeah it's something. We both like the second movement more mainstream. It's not like we're trying to really. I mean it's got some scary stuff in a but not as okay. That's and it's supposed to be the sequel but it's it has nothing to do with hill house right Well it's based on a series of books and it's different haunting but they changed everything you know. Mike flanagan wind changed. What you know. Stuffs happ what's happens in the book is based off the books but he changed it. You know change some stuff but it's Yeah it's a series of books and it's very interesting. It's we really really enjoyed good house. Where i really like about. The series is really good character. Study i mean you really get to know all the characters and even if you don't like the characters you still like because you know everything about him. I understand why everything's happening. You find out even more just like what tough fuck. Oh yeah so yes sir. I guess we'll go into our favorite part of the yes we can. Yes we got here. I hear i hear to mailman knocking on the door. Here's know that mr mixed way. What was his name. Mr really mr delivery. And he's got some homemade myself for us. that's great. We have a little intro right now. More thomas this every every session every show but yeah. We've got three messages for this week. Wow i still can't believe people keep writing us and it's just the earliest truly wonderful and they're just. They're all kinds of different questions. So you know what you're going to get because my chocolates like you mentioned last week that's right. That's right and This first messages from vic in queens new york that's correct listeners. In new york we do. We do invictus nearly one of them and he wants to ask a question here. Hey guys love the show. This question is for dine. All right give question what grail bobblehead is missing from your collection. That you'd love that you'd love to have. He must be a bobblehead collector. If he knows what how would he know fucking bobbleheads. He must be a bottle. Because grail and that's on the facebook pages. Yeah so so. He must be a member facebook page i. He must be because that. That's some that's some shit. I don't even know what the fuck you talking about i. It's a good thing. This question is for you to fucking answer. I tell you i are the holy grail money by now. This what what what he means by grail is a A very valuable was done. Okay yes it's very valuable bobblehead that they didn't make a lot of and that's what makes it very valuable. So like the holy grail. Yeah one of kind right pretty much and the one. I will tell him that. I would love to have that. I don't think i'll ever own it's like. Are you trying to give hints here for people like send. Your shit is mean. Hey boy. Would that be amazed song or facebook. Friends are listening to the podcast. Hey i got one of those. Although i doubt it i challenged the listeners. But if they do. I'm shocked but So the cubs uh organised. His name was gary presi and he was there organised for like thirty plus years or thirty years even and he recently retired. But explain this the people because people don't know that they actually have an organ player. Yes they do at the field a live person. You're not a a recording canada music. No it's an actual person play in the and they made a bobble head of him but it wasn't a giveaway at at the stadium at like at a game where they made ten thousand in the first ten thousand fans. It wasn't like that it was a special limited edition he gave away. He did like a contest on twitter. And if you answered if you get if you won the contest or whatever you'd get one they had of quite a few at the cubs convention. That i didn't go to aside from the ask. I don't think. I think that was the only two ways you could get one and this thing is worth upwards of eight hundred thousand dollars for a fire. Yes.

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