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Bacon wear now beppe. They won the division last year and the shortened sixty game up covert season but again the problem with the age that they had an early playoff exit. Right people keep them you know. They want a lot of games regular season games over the last four five years. They've been formidable but doesn't translate to the postseason. How important is it this year. You know to a win the division again. Because you don't want to get in a wildcard right when you play one game and season could be over book. Be make a run in the playoffs. Yeah and you're right. I think they had teams that. Were kind of one dimensional. It was the home bradtha strikeout and this year. You see now that martinez here olsen lowry harrison i mean andrews these guys use the entire feel. Yes they can hit. Home runs also gets through at home runs but he's been gone the opposite way a lot. He's changed the way guys. Play him at shift used to be imminent but now they have to play them straight up so now we have five guys wanna spend how to stay inside the ball and using our ballparks. You have to play them straight up which gives them opportunity now to get the whole like normal and so. I think that it's a totally different team with speed. The defensive been solid Year so not really worried about that side of ball. Pitching has been great all year. We were learning about the offensive side which was like i said anemic but all of a sudden you got larry using the whole field. You got mark using the whole field. You got gums. Who can hit the ball out the yard and use the entire field again. You've got mark and harrison. These guys know how to play. They stay inside the ball and they make solid contracts so different team that we've seen in the season i going to say. Yeah you know if they get to the wildcard they probably be in and out. But now that what i see and collectively six seven guys. That lineup stressed that lineup out and make the pitcher work but now have an idea and approach to where they go up and understand what they're trying to do. It's a different team. So i might to see how they do. They get in the playoffs. But i just believe that from what i'm seeing right now. That's gonna go a little farther than they did in the past i. His name is bip roberts. Thanks for the insight. The former major league and of course baseball analysts would nbc. sports bay. area my body man. Thank you for joining us man. We'll talk to you sue. Hey my pleasure. Thanks for having me. You'd be safe to take care of yourself. It's time for the pocket protector. Centrum the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson is his name. Bs analytics is his gay. What do you got for me. Anthony with the first ever major league baseball game to played in the state of iowa this week the field of dreams game between the yankees and white sox at the site of the academy award nominated film in dyers ville. I feel it's appropriate to give the hawkeye state some love. Did you know that. Even though this will be the first regular season game there was an exhibition there. Back in one thousand nine hundred forty two between the white sox and cubs the druid then exhibition record. Eight thousand people to the small town of fort dodge six hall of famers iowa home including legendary cub cap anson arguably the best players entire career spanned the eighteen hundreds compiling over thirty four hundred hits and a career average of three thirty four. It also includes the heater from van. Meter bob feller who's fastball is still talked about in legendary ways. He led the league in wins three straight years from nineteen thirty nine and nineteen forty. One spent three years serving in the armed forces in world. War two then came back and wins. Two of the following three seasons for his hall of fame career ended in nineteen fifty. Six here are a few iowan superlatives. Most homers how to twenty-eight most war wins above replacement. that'd be anson. Ninety four point. Three one of the highest marks of all time most stolen bases hall of famer fred clark. Five hundred nine most strikeouts. No surprise feller. Two thousand five hundred eighty one highs pitcher war not feller hall of famer red faber sixty seven point seven lowest era. That would be tornado. Jake weimer for the cubs to three mark in the early. Nineteen hundreds now. Tony watson and michael waka are the two most notable iowans in the big leagues in twenty twenty one but the hawkeye state in its history will be on full display among the cornfields was a big week in the big leagues for is it fair and now from. Mlb bro dot com. Here's jr gamble. Jay are the metro coups along all season on the strength of their starting pitching but the hitting was suspect and most people outside of new york new. That team would eventually fall out of first place in the nfl east. Is it foul boys fair to say that at two and a half games out of first place behind the phillies and the braves and no sign of how common that the mets probably won't even make the playoffs fair. It's been a great run for the mets led by the unlikely lip. Production of marcus. Stroman and taiwan walker where filled in like aces in the absence of jacob degrom. But it wouldn't matter bis team had. Maddox glavin smokes. The fact of the matter is they can't hit. They had an opportunity to bring kris bryant and instead went the strikeout. Prone hobby bias. Let's be honest. Michael conforto dominic smith. They've been disappointment and lynn door has been a disaster. He's had one of the worst i. She is in new york by a big time for agent that i can remember every move. They make and spelled disaster with this offense. Philly has a chance to do the playoff dance for the first time with bryce harper. I doubt they've relinquished. That opportunity to this. Mets lineup doesn't even have anyone who can hit consistently as man andrew mccutchen atlanta was. Everyone's preseason pick to win that division and even without superstars kuna who toys right. Acl in july. They have enough talent to overtake a division. Which in honesty is one of the weakest in baseball. The mets need a miracle or barry bonds in his prime in knipe is happening. This ship sinking rush into more money. So it's time for betting on the basis with dave guests guy love that money that money robber bouncing all the way around the diamond here last week. A little choppy but promise. We'll rebound today. Dodgers and mets from queens uptick in l. a. Julio real thirteen and three year ray of three forty one. It seems like when la goes out to the national league west. Have many problems. So i'm taking l. a. In that affair. San francisco in colorado. This is from the bay area. That's a nightcap. Doesn't seem like san francisco wants to lose any time. This season the pace that right now in the national league west. I'm taking the home team in that affair. And then for the american league set of things. I'm taking tampa bay at minnesota raise right now in a dogfight in the american league east standings. It seems like everyone is chomping at the bit if yankees yet the red sox the trump blue jays have caught fire as of late. I'm taking.

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