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Happiest about this WHO's happiest about the bubbling thing? Happiest Give you a hint. You always marvel at her shoes. Kamala Kamala. Avenue, lutely absolutely. I think more people are onto this the whole scheme that they've devised that Joe Buns, a placeholder that the far left, which is by the way included includes Michelle and Barack Obama they wanted Kamla because they know she's the next president she's the president waiting. She's the one who's going to let you know AMC and Bernie, Sanders and e Laha. Omar, into the Oval Office I mean this is a cabal in some. Insightful next nights her ascension. Time I mean remember the Biden. At least has to get in and then install friends and allies into good positions and take care of people and make sure that people get nice kisses in the mail of one kind or another Jimmy Biden has to be taken care of and hunter, and all these other allies have to be taken care of. and. But this now this means Biden will be compelled. To leave almost immediately almost immediately because first of all he's going to, he's not sent one. And he's a lot of these people who he's GonNa try to install are going to be more moderate whoever's left in the Democratic Party who moderate And the left is going to feel that they've got momentum. Now like they've all year, they've already changed the language media already works on their behalf. The world is different. Now you know the culture of woke ISM has is now the the required religion of everybody. In it's not gonNA, stop in January they're going to want their stuff done immediately green new deal stuff done immediately remember Biden was willing to do it for Obama with slender and all that stuff back in two thousand nine. But that's when the only had marginal influence. They have now these. Tom They don't care about that. They don't care about anything. It's all about. Keeping. This blackout going for six more days. That's all they have to do. It doesn't matter what kind of crap comes down on their heads next Wednesday doesn't matter once he's elected he could could quit or you know check out for health reasons you know next week I mean as long as he wins as long as trump gets defeated the media in their mind done their jobs again, they don't care about journalism. You know what? He's the you know it's really important to Jake tapper right now into. A to. PHILA- bump and Maggie Haberman. Plausible deniability. Those are the words of the day plausible than. They could say, Oh, we're you know I was busy working on a corona virus story or I was busy working. You know there's there's writing or whatever the economy that could say there are more important things climate change I today's up. So brought to you by flagship wealth with me again, Dave mcdonagh Dave we've got the election just around the corner. So give. ME A LITTLE CNBC ask go to Rick Santelli some would say give me a little market update. That's a tall task day but here's the bottom line last week, retail sales double the experts expectations this week housing market booming unemployment dropping all good news on the Economy David..

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