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It just goes to show people around the world that Americans can play football too, you know, or we're out there, we're playing well, we're playing for English from really team and getting goals and assists. So we're out there we're doing well and on the coaching side of things too. So I think it's only up and coming and there's going to be more and more talent over the future and making this trip over the pond. But yeah, I mean, it's a great start and it's only going to get better. He's tireless. He's relentless. I know that about him. And when you also see his amazing how much better he wrote, how much better he gets from week to week. And I've seen it already before. It's almost like watching something grow right before your eyes. So, you know, and he's so grounded. He's so calm. He's so easy with himself. So yeah, he's done really well for us from the start. Eric, you can tell by this impressionist painting. How well Brendan aaronson performed against Chelsea and I like those two final stats. 7 recoveries leading the team as well as with successful pressures like the one he had on Mindy ended up in the goal. What you see why it's impressive those recoveries because he plays in the front line. And if you play for Jesse marsh, you need to pressure. That is the system. You have to high pressure. So that front line is your first line of defense. And look how good he does. Look how well he is at that. And because of that, he ended up scoring the goal. Yeah, that was a great performance overall as the team for lids, but individually for Brandon aaronson

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