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On the threes brought to you by the van loan school at endicott college here's david struggle lino thanks in we'll start off looking north of the city routes three ninety three in ninety five are all nice and easy in and out of new hampshire 128's on the fast track between the northshore in lexington 495 is no delays through littleton in law and larence root once moving right along between p bidian revere looking out to the west 495 zonek between route two ninety in rude 85 290 itself is good to go around worcester and shrewsbury twenty two good ride through waltham west in a need him the mass pike is no reports of problems between worcester in boston around the downtown area airport tunnels arallo k lower deck is light heading into the zekan bridge and into the o'neill tunnel the tobin bridge looks good liver connector as no delays in either direction and the river oder all right on time expressways moving nicely top to bottom route 3 does well from they are down to the caipirinha backups at either the cape cod bridges the bottom into 495 is troublefree routes 24 and 95 or doing well to and from rhode island you're next report attend 13 on wbz's traffic wbz news time channel four the fourday wbz accuweather forecast now with berry burbank looks like sunshine rules for the rest of the day over most of the region they'll be little or no win high temperatures this afternoon near forty five partly cloudy and calm overnight lows thirty three in boston 25 thirty many the suburbs for tomorrow mostly cloudy looks like they could be some rain around in the afternoon over much of southeastern new england may be mix of the bit of wet snow further inland but no big deal out of that as i see it right now light north north these breeze highs 38 frothy inland forty one in boston forty six and cape cod partly sunny on tuesday accept mostly cloudy southeastern massachusetts where there could be a few spritz is there a couple of flakes down there highs near forty five sunny to partly cloudy and wednesday high near forty eight i'm wbz tv meteorologist perry burbank on wbz newsradio 1030 thirty seven degrees in boston and those clouds are moving out of the way i see a lot of blue sky wbz news time tunnel five a supply run to the.

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