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This is your chance to save 60% off furniture store wide plus free delivery and no interest financing. Bobbing were doubly GOP traffic. Thank you, Bob. But now we go to storm Team four. Meteorologist Mike Stanford. Much nicer weather pattern is on the way. We've got a cold front now working its way south of the region and behind this front. Look for a clear department. Cloudy skies night It will start to cool off and the community is really going to drop off and overnight lows in the mid to upper 50 summers and lows in the low to mid sixties at the district Saturday will be a beautiful day almost fall like Sonny, unpleasant with low humidity will get up to a high near 80. More sunshine, more pleasant temperatures and more low humidity on Sunday. Hi Supper 70 So lower eighties and Labor Day looks great, too, with more sunshine eyes on Monday in the lower eighties by Tuesday, we'll turn partly cloudy and a bit warmer and the humidity is gonna start to take up too. Eyes on Tuesday, after will be in the low to mid eighties. I'm starting for meteorologist Mike Stanford 80 degrees now in college Park, 76 in Reston and 80 degrees in the district at 8 50. Unemployment dropped to 8.4% last month. That's down from 10.2% the month before, but it's not all a rosy picture because job growth slowed to 1.4 million in August. Ah, positive sign here. The number on temporary layoff plunged by 3.1 million. Still, we have more than six million listed as on temporary layoff. Obviously, they continue to hold onto the hope that their jobs will come back in the coming months. That's bankrate dot com Senior economic analyst Mark Hamrick. The Virginia Employment.

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