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Certainly worked for a little while gwen was so spooked by kathy's threats that she decided to move back in with kathy but the abuse continued gwynn recalls one incident during that period where 'capi bound gwen to their bad but not for sex kathy took glenn's gun threatened to kill her then use the pistol on gwen sexually before leaving her tied up in the house all alone for several hours like the incident on halloween kathy recalls the sapa so taking place but in her version it's gwen who is making the threats and doing the dominate but to me glenn's account plays better given what happened next the killings which began in january 1987 with the murder of marguerite chambers had taken their toll on the coupled overwhelmed by the texas city of their relationship and fed up with being terrified of kathy glenn finally found the courage to end her nine month relationship with kathy once and for all and get his far away from her as possible glenn and her new love her heather another nurse from alpine moved back to gwynn's hometown of tyler texas together in may of 1987 and that was the end of their romance and they're killing spree x i can only imagine how that made of narcissist the kathy would feel she must have really wanted gwen back well according to coffee ills theory what kathy really wanted was revenge let's relax for a moment and share something we love i'm the type of person that gets hungry every two hours but it's hard to find the time to get food that often throughout the day i know what you mean i'm always on the go that's why i've been loving our ecs bars lately there the perfect snack for people on the go the ingredients are simple and nutritious egg whites for protein nuts for texture dates to bind and you really can taste the difference you're right give us the flavors our delicious and this something for everyone where the alike sweeter savory chocolate or fruit flavors there's an rx bar for you my favorite one to keep in my car is the maple see salt flavor so when i'm stuck in traffic which is every day or rushing to work i always have something healthy and delicious to eat for a healthy snack on the.

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