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She said she regretted every cigarette she'd ever smoked when she was climbing up these silvery skimpy waterfalls going into the icy water up to her hips and so on and they finally get across the Josiah boredom one of the Dr inches, which I find so point into the sentence that she lists things that they have to do not worth going to try and get water. They can just because of the calories us. They can just you quenched us with the snow, and they found some moldy onions and garlic and a little bit of flour, which they consider mixed together. Maybe they can eat the red berries, and this is Christmas Eve nineteen ninety nine. And then she carries on with Dr infringe. She's thinking. Should be in Paris cooking, Christmas dinner, and oh, my mother's going to be worrying about when she's going to have such terrible Christmas and by then she had married Patrick Bishop who was a fettuccine divorced him and remarried somebody else separated from and was back with Patrick again. I husband she does. He really love me. I know I love him. And she said, she pointed image of this incredibly tough woman who is enjoyed what most was could never enjoy sitting in this hutch thinking what every woman has thought at some point in her life. Does he really love? This episode of first person is brought to you by the Fletcher school master of international business program at Tufts University for the NBA meets the world..

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