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Had not gone far before the sun sank. And i we entered rome itself at a slow pace night. Had fallen darkness had come on but the gates of rome were not yet shot towards two hours after sunset. I walked along punters layers lodging with the intention if luigi poultry with their of doing something the discontent of both when i heard and saw that no one but a poor seven bill called canada was in the house. I went to put away my cloak on the scoured of my sword and then returned to the house. Mitch stood behind the bounty on the river. Tiber just opposite stretched a gun belonging to an innkeeper called woma. Though it was enclosed by thick edge of songs in which i hid myself standing up light and waiting till the woman came back with the wig off to keeping watch a while there my friend but jaka crept up to me whether led by his own suspicions or by the advice of others. I cannot say in a low voice. He called out to me gossip or so used to name ourselves for fun and then he played me pause. God's love using the words which follow with tears in the tone of his voice dare gossip. I in tweed you not to injure that pogo. She at least has aired no wise in this matter. No not at all. When i heard what he was saying. I replied if you don't take yourself off now. This first word i utter. I will bring my salt here down upon your head overwhelmed with fight. My poor gossip was suddenly taken ill with a colleague and with due to ease himself apart indeed. He could not but obey the call. There was such a glorious heaven of stars which shed good light to see by all of a sudden. I was aware of the noise of many horses. There were coming toward me for one side and the other it turned out to be region. Pantasma attended by a certain mess. Bendik motto of perrugia who was chamberlain to pope clement and followed by four doughty captains of perrugia with some other valiant soldiers in the flower of youth altogether reckoned. There were more than twelve swords. When i understood the matter and saw not how to fly. I did my best to crouch into the hedge but the thorns fix and hurt me. Goading me to magnus like a bowl. And i have resolved to take a leap and hazard my escape. Just then luigi with his arm and pancasila. His neck was heard crying. I must kiss you once again..

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