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You communicate if you can code. You can run up your software that will run a million times an hour tomorrow to make money or do something if you can communicate you can do it. We just did. You can engage in a dialogue. You can post it on youtube. Maybe it gets seen one hundred thousand times or a million times. Maybe you convince fifty two thousand people to do something different than what they would have done. Well the world needs articulate communicators and the world needs very adept coders. Those are the two fundamental skills and obviously architects and designers in the middle all the producers. Put it all together. So make sure that you're in that economy and then pick a company or an organization to align with gets it that's doing something compelling excited about because if you're not passionate about it you know your your life's energy is being diverted. Life is too short to do anything you don't love and you don't care about. That's that's my advice. Michael sailor is a good guy. Should listen to you. What are you gonna be for halloween before we wrap up. Toshiaki toshi associ- do you think. Potentiate craig right ascension. I don't know. I don't wanna know i'm happy to you. Should talk to one day. He's a weird genius enough. That like i. I played a little bit. He knows you could talk about any topic. Like millisecond like not bullshit. You answers what. Thanks for trick. Yeah no we really appreciate the time and hope to get. We said we did. I didn't know we're gonna do it. Now are the fourth. We're doing until the end of the year. And i think it's the next year so appreciate the support. I'm going to send you some stuff about all the cool students suffer. Doing maybe wanna help some them. It sounds like you guys already have some other initiatives and appreciate it supported the space last.

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