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Let me hear it. Tonight's national championship. Only match up you need even the most ardent playoff expand. Or knows. That's the case. If you're Clemson Alabama somebody's finishing your fifteen. And for the first time in football this the cheetah victory. The most important thing in tonight's game. George go ahead. Oh, the most important things the quarterback play. You look at two. He's got forty one touchdowns. Four picks this year Trevor Lawrence no slapped by the way, twenty seven touchdowns himself. And I think this is going to be one of these games where whoever has the ball last. Tony is going to win. This thing. Defense is dead, basically. Okay. As much as we how great Alabama's players are on defense. And they are they're great individual players Clinton is great individual players. They'll be a bunch of first round picks that are coming out of those defenses. But the way college football is now it's all about the offense and how many so every new Iran. Alabama's front seven front. Four is going to dominate this game decide how this game is one. You say that throw that out the window? There is no defense whoever has the ball last. And you Don, Georgia's right? The key is the quarterbacks, but Trevor Lawrence isn't the dual threat to Shawn Watson was when when clips beat Alabama. The Shawn Watson rush twenty one times only forty three yards, but you have to think that dual threat kept Alabama's defense. Bows, travelers has only rush fifty four times all season. So he's not the threat to run. And I think Alabama could really key on him in the pocket. Unlike when the match this game. Well, the metrics decided is going to be the running game of Clinton they average two hundred and fifty yards running. And they put the ball in Travis SE ns hands. That's something that they did not have before as j just kind of mentioned. So I think whether or not they can run the ball effectively also controlling the clock which can give their defense some rest and get the ball into the end zone that way, I think that can change the ten that's the pet victory over Clemson. Did you see that happening? I think so. Yeah, I think they gotta do that. And none of that. You just look at Alabama's last game. How they let eight oh you get back into the game. I mean, they've had some struggling guy. So yeah, I see that. Clemson has to get to the quarterback. They sacked the quarterback fifty two times. He's here now too. We know not really one hundred percent with that ankle that he has not the same quarterback like most quarterbacks when he gets pressured obviously, his percent completion percentage goes down to me that will be the key. But I just think that Alabama whenever they lose. It seems like a fluke when they're trailing at half time. It seems like a fluke. I just think they're too dominant. Alabama tonight. You wanna give us a score Franken? Thirty four black Saul. Clemson thirty one third. Thirty twenty seven and George you've got like the the final being seventy two seventy right. Forty one thirty Alabama break ground. Technology truth brought to you by. Truth. You will certainly any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. What's Janet's fangs?.

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