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More so since the larger nine villages magazines. Six six well. What a great prize. God the Audio and that's going to be clipped out. I'm sorry. Do you Miss Phoenix. You Are Stephen. Get it right. God Phoenix do you know what a snub nosed revolver in this of this size is used for At the ones that goes like in your boot. Gaza back resting on all of our listeners are already opened carrying a glock seventeen or Glock nineteen. I mean that would make sense Listeners of the Dean Koontz. Boo Club are notoriously right-leaning Which is good. You know. That's how it should be so. I want to announce that me Phoenix Crockett And this isn't necessarily related to the PODCAST. But you know we try to try to do our own thing and and represent what we're doing out in the world So it's my pleasure to announce that I'm following my dream and I am starting up. A chapter of young Republicans in Burlington Vermont. Yup that's me. Phoenix came with Tracy. Crockett in some order there noted conservative with bootstraps mentality. And no love for those bleeding-heart lives I will be helping the next wave of young republicans discover just how delicious Ronald Reagan's boots are thought. Stephen me feel about that. I'm just I'm so delighted. Yeah something something about who gets to go. And what bathrooms. Sure nothing soy. Yeah yeah boy. Soy for sure still flake simply snowflake there. It is There's definitely a Vermont. Snowflake joke in here somewhere but. I'm disgusted with myself to make it. Let's take it to the not-so-silent corner our literary analysis section..

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