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My personal opinion, doctor doom, let's bring it back to a big bag on earth status space for a little bit. Maybe that direction. Anyhow, just want to know your thoughts on them. Definitely the ringer good one would be amazing. They're so much. You could do the to the tough. Yeah, we're doom and can in galactic. Galactic is another big red worse. There's lots man. You got k. conquer whose time traveler. The scrolls are could be interesting. Roles will be in kept immoral. Have the main scroll like the super scroll do scroll right? What about anomalous with? Good, a little crazy. Yeah. Now I don't think it'd be the biggest biggest a movie with anaylyst. Right, right. You gotta turn magneto in threats. Magneto the dark Phoenix. You know, you get you have so many soon as mister sinister. Could they make on. No man. Could they make him into an impressive ill? I don't think is the big big bag. The moment will be in Yambol and it'll be. I mean, they made a movie with the vulture. That thing is that they fucked up a lot of people. They didn't use fist yet, but they used Durant new door Ramu Durham, the ram you. I have come to partner with you. Dave Verdy used a. They've already used Altron us a huge. They burned a lot of big, big characters. What about juggernaut Jenner? Not schools, but he's fucked up apocalypse the, yeah, but they have to the other one. I thought I was like, they'd have to redo that. King or lack. This would be doing awesome or galactic or or Visco I just had hold on. I got before we go to the next Email I had. I just thought of random question if the James Gunn thing happened to Kevin, would Disney fired him that quickly. What do you think? Nobody never. Nobody looking to. I'm just wondering what they have been so quick to fucking fire. That guy, I don't know little double standard there. Okay. We got an Email from, I think they might have. Yeah. Sky made them fourteen billion dollars. I know. But I think we're, we're at a point zero. Yeah, this is the zero. Egg zero alerts, Jimmy, geek checking in hayme, running the rugs. Sorry, I went on a little bit of an Email. Hiatus took a few vacations in July, but rest assured I was listening to new episodes all month and enjoyed reviews of eight million and the wasp Luke cage and the krill amphibian I are the same age. So like him, I'd never seen the movie talking about the crow and like him. I, I thought when Brandon Lee came unscreened when, oh, she hit sting the wrestler, not the Sager like you around. I also thought he ledgers joker took a lot from Lee's portrayal of the crow as well. That being said, I really enjoyed this movie almost like a more raw darker punisher with a sweet nineties grown soundtrack, loved it. Try to watch masters of the universe couldn't get past the first ten minutes. Sorry, guys dolph longer lip synching when delivering dialogue was fun to watch though. So there's that you, we can't blame him for that. Honestly, it's a hard movie to get through was hoping you guys could give us some recommendations on stuff too. Watch, I joy when you guys let us in on what you've been watching. I saw that the second season aglow is now an ethics which is when rugs favorites last summer, anything new or renewed you guys are watching. Take care love what you do. Jimmy, the geek recommendations in a while, but it's kind of a slow period. Can I recommend it? I've seen stuff, but nothing I can. I haven't seen it. Have you been watching anything. You know me too since I moved I I had to get a new DVR and so I don't have any of my same recordings and I haven't reset them. And I've just kind of been free of it for a while, but I have some recommendations rugs. Do you have anything? I could pull them out of my ass. Let's start with the one. He mentioned glow season two. If you all the first season, you will eight. You will love the second season. It's lots of fun. Easy to watch. Marc. Maron is great being Marc Maron. I got a recommendation. Okay. What do you got. I've been watching a lot of YouTube counts..

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