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Bill Cosby and his chief accuser have arrived at a suburban. Philadelphia courthouse for the start of sentencing hearing that will determine how the eighty one year old comedian will be punished you're thinking no jail time or drugging and sexually assaulting her more than fourteen years ago. Cosby was the first celebrity to go to trial and the hashtag metoo era and could be the first to go to prison perhaps for the rest of his days after being convicted in April of violating temple university employee. Andrea Constand at his home in two thousand four if they're quibbling about whether he's going to how he's going to be defined on the sexual predator list that that tells me they think he will go to prison because none of that matters if he's prison. Yeah. It does. It seems to me that. I'm thinking that they're going to say, he's eighty one and mostly blind lunch. I'm thinking he's going to go home and die. That's what they're gonna say. But yeah, we'll we'll know probably by the end of the day what what's going to happen. Mr. Cosby two suspects were treated for canine bites after a slow speed chase in west valley city, just after midnight. Officers with the west valley. Police department came upon a stolen car officers approaching the suspects. They sped away. According to police they spiked the tires. The suspects traveled a block further crashed into a parked car. They tried to run, but they sick the dogs on them. Police use the canine to find him found hiding in a dumpster. A man was woman was hiding in the bushes. But the dogs gum. They bit him up. They took him to jail. We were county officials rescued an injured woman hiking near Causey reservoir Sunday morning. The Weaver fire district was called out to for a traumatic injury. At Causey thirty nine year old woman was injured while hiking with her family. They had to get a life flight helicopter out there, high winds, they couldn't get the helicopter in there. And so they had to send crews into hike in together the hype into to get the woman founder with a very badly injured ankle, she just couldn't move. They had to and then they had hiker out from there. Judge cavenaugh. No, I to do that. Let's do this. Oh, this is just a fascinating story democrat. David Brill is running against guy. Name Paul gosar, Republican in Arizona. Oh, yeah. I like the star families are complicated their private tensions and political disagreements often kept under wraps, but that's not the case. With Representative gosar. He's a Republican. And there is a campaign ad the brothers and the sisters. Tim, Jennifer, Gaston Joan Grayson David or appearing in a campaign advertisement for David Brill, the democrat, so Mr. goes ours. Brothers and sisters all of them six six of them are in the campaign and for his opponent. It's a it's a very well produced add, and they're very the goes r siblings, framed their endorsement of Brill as a matter of value saying that their brother who has long drawn headlines for his far-right views and his politics were simply too much for them to stomach. We've got to stand up for our good name David goes ours said in the advertisement. This is not who we are. I couldn't be quiet any longer nor should any of us said grace. I think my brother has created a lot of values that we had at our kitchen table. He doesn't stay the goes our family does not stand for what our brother says. I think that's great. There's a new train in China. Oh, yeah. I read about this Hong Kong. Todd. Yes, todd. No, they opened a new high-speed rail who it's pretty to inland, China that will vastly decreased travel times costing over ten billion dollars and taking more than eight years to build the system aims to transport more than eighty thousand. Passengers a day between the Asian financial centre seven million people and the neighbouring manufacturing hub of Guangdong the train travels, the sixteen miles through Hong Kong to Shenzhen across the border in just fourteen minutes. It you take an hour. But it doesn't in fifteen fifteen minutes now, fourteen fifteen minutes. That's would you ride that. Yeah. Bad for their seatbelts the through train capital. We'll take just over an hour ninety minutes faster than the current service. The project has raised concerns about Beijing's creeping influence over Hong Kong, which is semi autonomous. Michelle Obama has officiated at a wedding. So she has a new job. The former first lady universal life church did the honours Saturday. She's a lawyer she can perform, weddings. She not universal. No did the honor Saturday in Chicago for Stephanie Rifkin and jewel circus. They slipped. Her a fifty. The bride's the bride's father is the deputy mayor of Chicago. So I guess they kind of newer. All right. Sports weather traffic. To play the chew chew soul for me. We're talking about trains. That's why you said this. Yep. Oh, this is this is that actually..

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